How Hosting your site on Cloud will speed up your site?

website architecture

Having a fast loading website actually makes sense if you have abundant amount of visitors to your business website in real time. One such website is

We at ClickDo had a personal touch to the website since we started it way back in 2012!

How this site has set a benchmark for driving abundant traffic and secured highest level of hacking attacks that we have ever seen in the history of our Digital Marketing journey? The answer is simple, we have criticised top companies and their products (actually they are bad! very very bad!).

why cloud hosting is important

How to host your site on the Cloud?

The answer is very straight forward. Create a Virtual instance and install core components for hosting a wordpress site. Like Apache, PHP, MySQL, etc.

Once all done, interconnect them and get your WordPress Live, UP and Running at full speed.

What are the advantages of hosting this on Cloud and how it’s different form existing WordPress hosting providers?

Thats a big question. But the answer is very simple. A VPS will allow you to have dedicated resource for your instance. This in turn will offer you full power to manage and maintain sites on your server with full access.

You can have Root access to your instance at any given point of time. You can manage things directly!

Best Vendors in the Market?

Cloud computing is huge and there are hundreds of vendors available in the market to cater your needs. Below are the 2 giants who offer services that cater the needs of web hosting towards business websites:

  • Amazon Light Sail
  • Google Compute Engine

Well, both are almost the same with the difference being a marginal price difference and user interface differences. If you want your website to be on Cloud, do not hesitate to get in touch with us!