What is PBN SEO & How to use Private Blog Networks in 2021?

What is a Blog Network or PBN?

A blog network is a set of blogs or websites managed and owned by one or multiple people which can be related to one niche within group of subniches that bloggers publish articles for as part of their main activity online.


Blogs which are part of a blog network can be built on WordPress, HTML, Medium, Blogger or any blogging platform, but WordPress is the most commonly used as it provides the highest level of flexibility, independence and customization.

Once you have purchased a domain you will be required to pick web hosting with a web host and you will need a domain hosting control panel or a web hosting control panel to host and manage it to create a website or blog.

If you are opting to set up your website with the CMS WordPress then it is recommended to use hosting that is best for WordPress Blogs such as managed WordPress Blog Hosting or WordPress PBN hosting.

Anyone can create a public or private blog network using WordPress blog hosting to make them self-hosted WordPress Blogs. Building a PBN is just as simple as creating a WordPress blog. You just have to know which kind of domains to use (new or expired domains) and how to pick the right unique multiple Class IP hosting.

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How can a PBN or Blog Network be used for SEO?

A blog network is great for SEO support and you can also use it to earn money online from publishing guest posts for PBN backlinks. This way it helps you build a link portfolio that will help you rank your websites higher on search engines, if you use the right and accepted SEO strategies.

You can learn more about PBN and SEO skills at https://www.clickdo.co.uk/seo-training-course/ and the SeekaHost University, where you will find detailed videos with all you need to know about PBNs and how to use them strategically.

The world’s best blog hosting control panel makes it all easier to build blogs and get online in less than 60 seconds. With it you can set up and manage hundreds of blogs on WordPress with the best WordPress Blog Hosting UK services at SeekaHost.org for bloggers and PBN SEO services providers who need C Class, A and B IP hosting.

You can watch this video to see why the SeekaHost web hosting control panel is the best for bloggers and SEO experts managing multiple blogs:

As you can see the very unique feature you can find in the SeekaHost App is that you can track all your hosted sites with Google Analytics and Clicky, if connected. This will make it much easier for you to keep track of the traffic to your sites, how your content is ranking and which keywords to go after.

tracking-sites-feature-with-google-analytics-integration-in-seekahost-appSo, set up your blog network with this blog hosting control panel and WordPress and follow the steps outlined in the infographic below to ensure you are building PBNs that work well for SEO.

create-a-pbn-that-is-authentic-and-high-quality-for-seoYou can also find more tips and advice about everything to do with PBNs and SEO in the PBN Demystified group on Facebook.

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