What is link building in SEO & different link building strategies

link building strategies

What is link building?

Link building is the hyperlink that connects from another website to your own website. Hyperlinks are just called as links. Hyperlink helps to navigate the pages in online. Google’s search engine will link to crawl on the webpage. Search engines will crawl the link on a particular page and link between the whole website. Every link varies from another link. Here, SEO comes in front and accept that link building is one of the difficult parts of their work. Every marketer and business owner should be attentive in building links to drive traffic and increase their website’s authority. Building a link is one of the many strategies used in SEO because links are an indicator to Google that your website is a quality resource quotation. When you build, more backlinks tend to earn a higher ranking. If you care about the long-term validity of your website and business, we should only engage in natural link building. Link building is more important because the reason is, a major factor in how Google ranks web pages. Google will take notes that, webmasters can increase the rank of their websites by increasing the high-quality websites that link to their pages. There are many link-building strategies used to external websites to link your website.

Some of the important link building strategies are:

Content Creation and promotion:

content creating in link building

Create unique, compelling and high-quality content that users will naturally want to reference, link to, and tell people about that.

Reviews and Mentions:

You have to give your product, website in front of influencers in your company or industry, such as popular bloggers and we can say that people with large social media following.

Use Strategic Guest Blogging:

Being Strategic, which means that we have to make a clear goal from the beginning. Therefore, if you bring more viewers, which brings more traffic to your blog, then your guest blogging effort will be pointed to the blog that will send you traffic.  If you think you need more links, you have to look for a blog that is not ready to accept a guest post, but the buyer and viewers will likely share that guest post on networks. Guest blogging may be a great path to get links, but If you do it in the wrong path it can lead to the search engine will punish your blog. Before writing a guest post, you should read the blog’s viewers to know what they need.

Create and Distribute infographics:

It is a very important role in the Link building strategy. The important thing about infographics is that you can get organic traffic to your blog and gain quality links, which helps to increase your rank in Goole’s search engine. I found that infographics create 37.5% more backlinks than a fixed blog post. This makes generating infographics a link building strategy that you cannot ignore. In front of visual content would be an important component of each and every blog post you publish.

Get Active on Social Media:

types in link building

In Social Media, markets have great marketing and more value for your link-building plan and guest post efforts. If you are not using social media then your brand will not get popular. So be active by sharing different and new posts, news, videos, images, on social media to bring the user to your website. First, we have to understand what the viewers are expecting; likewise, we have to share our images on social media. When we are on social media, you can increase the traffic very quickly. If you share your brand and URL on Social media, you can get the high traffic on the Google search engine.

Use resources links from trusted sites:

Resources links are nothing but a page on your website that will help you to highlight your particular topic. Resources will guide you to achieve the targeted views and the types of content will help to get traffic and generate quality links. Some of the famous sites like the MOZ learning website etc.  If you’re starting a learning website on social media, you can find the views that what they are looking for. The resources page is nothing but the process of getting your website, which is included on the pages of the particular resources. If you write a large resource article or news, you will get more backlinks.

Grow your personal brand:

Building a personal brand that means providing a more valuable product. It is more important to those particular people who start their business by using their names and ideas to get success in today’s industry. To build a personal brand, you want more Facebook followers, blog subscribers, and Twitter followers. It will take more time to build a personal brand but once it reaches to views it makes your brand more valuable and powerful.

Leverage the broken link strategy:

broken link building

This one of the simplest link buildings. If you click on the particular link, it does not connect to the website. It will show an error. This is called a broken link. For example, the user is reading a blog about some content, the user will find some external link or a broken link building strategy.

Check competitor’s Backlinks:

It is insufficient to know where your competitors gained their links. If you want to get famous in the marketing field, you have to use Social media. That will help you to increase your traffic easily. Replicating success is not a big task, because of the tools and facilities that are available.