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No matter what type of blogger you are, getting the right exposure and publicity in the right places can be crucial to your blogger success and reach. Because blogging is all about finding your audience on various platforms that are relevant to what you write about.

We are on a mission to support any blogger with networking. Especially when you are just starting out in the blogging world, you need to make your author name and blog brand known. And one major tool for that is guest blogging.

In the list below you will find some UK and international online publications that will boost your author profile and website’s SEO while providing your brand with more eyeballs through effective guest post publications.

You can choose to have just one article published on each or to become a regular contributor on one that matches with your niche.

If you have your guest posts published on the blogs listed here, our blogger expert team will support you with the copywriting, blogging and SEO to maximise your outcomes and ours.

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Have a look at them and enquire about your guest post simply by heading to their “write for us” page or by completing the contact form at the end of this list. Pitch your genius content idea to us and we will get back to you as soon as possible to support you in any way we can.

Top Blog Network For Bloggers – Get Published!

1.    UK Business Blog for Business Bloggers

best-business-blog-uk-for-business-newsNo matter your industry or niche, the UK Business Blog is the #1 business publication covering any related business insights and tips, business owner interviews or success stories. With over 5k monthly visitors it will give your content contribution great exposure and a solid link to improve your website’s ranks. Plus, you may be approached by businesses looking for a blogger or content writer like you.

2.    UK Tech Blog for Tech Bloggers

tech-blog-for-tech-bloggers-to-share-tech-news-and-insightsShare your best tech tips on this Tech Website, which delivers UK tech news, UK tech business and management tips as well as lots of useful tech hacks to keep its readers in the loop of the rapidly changing digital landscape. The UK Tech Magazine features guest posts with relevant insights in the business and tech world as well as FinTech business success stories or start-up stories in the tech industry. Any tech expert or entrepreneur can be featured too.

3.    UK Education Blog for Education Bloggers

education-news-magazine-accepting-guest-posts-from-education-bloggersShare a guest post about the education sector, Ed Tech or teaching on this education magazine that focuses on latest developments/trends and innovations within the education community. The Education News Blog mainly focuses on information about the best tech solutions and strategies for remote work and learning, solutions for schools, teachers and students. If you are an expert blogger in education services or products, then you can inform the readers about it and reach a vastly growing readership.

4.    UK News Blog for General & Lifestyle News Bloggers

general-news-blog-for-bloggers-in-all-niches-to-guest-postShare quirky lifehacks and lifestyle tips on this British News Website called the UK News Blog, which provides UK business news, UK shopping and lifestyle tips and lots of useful general insights on living a good life. Any blogger in any niche can have their guest post published here to share their individual insights with a wider audience that they may not reach otherwise. The News of the Hour blog and UK Magz blog offer similar general news sharing options.

5.    Entrepreneurs Toolkit Blog for Business Experts

entrepreneur-blog-for-business-minded-bloggersThis blog is a great platform for any entrepreneurial blogger looking to expand their online profile or brand. The Entrepreneurs Toolkit Blog covers any topic related to business creation, business management and business operations. Entrepreneurial opinion pieces or entrepreneur success stories are welcome to inspire readers, but more general business news and tips are equally welcome.

6.    London Business News Blog for London Bloggers

london-business-news-magazine-for-london-bloggers-and-business-bloggersFor London based bloggers or business-oriented writers the London Business News Blog is a useful platform to target the London business audience. Any business news, insights, or success stories relevant to any Londoner will be published here as guest posts or success stories. Attract your target audience with an innovative guest article via this established news platform. Further London guest posting opportunities are available on the London On Blog and the London Out Loud Blog.

7.    SEO Blog for SEO & Digital Marketing Bloggers

seo-blog-accepting-guest-posts-from-seo-bloggers-and-expertsAre you an SEO consultant with a fantastic SEO case study to inspire or support others in the SEO industry? Then you will surely attract a large readership of the right audience by having your guest post published on the UK SEO blog. SEO has become an important skill as every potential customer uses search engines to find information, products, and services. Because SEO is so individual from case to case, you should share your SEO strategies, insights, or tips to showcase your brilliant techniques and help others.

8.    I Do Business Blog for Hands-On Business Bloggers

business-publication-for-business-bloggersOn this platform any blogger can share a variety of business tips, news and trends that are relevant for businesses, no matter their niche or industry. You can share information about business trends or business tools that are on the rise. Or perhaps you can share how you do business with the readership of the I Do Business Blog and establish your name as a business author and expert.

9.    E-Business Blog for Online Business & E-Commerce Bloggers

ebusiness-blog-for-guest-posts-about-e-commerce-and-online-businessesWith increasingly more businesses moving into the digital realm, this expert E-Business Blog recognises the growing demand of e-business and e-commerce related news, insights, and tips that matters to digital entrepreneurs and companies. Be it web hosting, web design, e-commerce, digital marketing and so forth, you can find and share everything around this popular topic here with a growing tech audience.

10.   Green Living Blog for Eco Bloggers

green-living-blog-for-eco-bloggers-and-environmentalistsSustainable and green living is becoming a big part of people’s lives as they become more aware and conscious of environmental issues. Many shoppers now look for more sustainable and ethical products, services and solutions that contribute to the well-being of this planet. So, share your eco-friendly news and insights on the Green Living Blog and attract a wider audience that you want to target.

11. Bloggers Exchange Blog for Blogger Tips

bloggers-exchange-blog-for-blogger-community-to-share-blogging-tipsThis blog is great for any blogger regularly blogging about blogging. Whether you are a WordPress expert or know a lot about blog monetization, you can share an article on anything to do with blogging on the Bloggers Exchange Blog. Just make sure it offers valuable insights to the community of bloggers that you want to reach.

All these online magazines can feature your unique guest publications and stories with the right angle to get you more attention as a blogger. You can speak to Online Media & PR Strategist Manuela Willbold at ClickDo Ltd. about the best publications for your guest contributions, so you get the right exposure and SEO benefits.

We manage more niche blogs about health, marketing, home and living and more so that we can support any blogger with the best guest blogging experience.

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