Top 12 Expired Domain Finder Tools to find High Quality Domains for PBNs


The importance of a quality domain name in online business success cannot be overemphasized, hence whatever website you intend to run, including PBNs – making sure you get a befitting and perfect domain name should be mandatory.

But unfortunately, finding a perfect domain name for your website does not come easy, as almost all the great names are already taken, which makes the discovery of a new name a difficult task.

While most of the people go for brand new domain names, still many others who understand better marketing strategies go for expired domains, as they often come with a higher DA/DR to help boost their money sites.

Mostly, these expired domains have good authority backlinks, which is pretty useful for the website to rank higher in Google and other search engines.

There are quite a lot of tools to make this search easier, which we have undertaken to research for you so that you can face other aspects of building your private blog networks (PBNs) without much trouble. SeekaHost is a web host that specialises in expired domain hosting and cheap PBN hosting and it has recently launched a new domain hosting control panel called SeekaPanel that makes managing PBN Domains as easy as never before.


Best Expired Domain Finder Tools

Find below our top 10 expired domains finder tools to discover high quality domain names for your PBNs. You will become a private blog networks specialist in no time, if you learn how to identify, purchase and manage such high-value domains with the opportunity to earn an income online from your PBNs.

1. PBN Lab

PBN Lab is a remarkable tool that brings something quite different to the table, as you can easily find quality domain names that are relevant to the entire process handled with minimum inputs from the searcher.


While most of the other related tools are mainly some variation of a huge list of domains which you will find difficult to sift through and if what you are looking for can’t be found, it takes ages for more domains to be added.

That is where PBN Lab is different, as it is almost automatic and updates the list at regular intervals, and the list of expired domain names come with traffic and PageRank metrics.

2. DomCop

DomCop is a tool that you can use to find expired domains easily, which isn’t a desktop application. And this tool is also popular for conducting research on all the related expired domains to your inputted keyword.


It can even be used for discovering domain auctions or several expired domains at a go. That’s perhaps what sets it apart, and if you input any keyword it can match it to an expired domain name perfectly or if the filters are correctly entered, it will easily determine the related expired domains available on the market. See this tutorial for more insights:

3. Domain Hunter Gatherer

The Domain Hunter Gatherer tool can be really helpful if you wish to find expired domains, with many features that will make your search a tad easier.

It let you find the expired domains with several key metrics, as well as several additional tools that allow you access to some of the best quality and aged domain names. In fact, Domain Hunter Gatherer is without a doubt among the top list if you want to streamline the process of hunting down aged domain names.

4. Register Compass

Register Compass offers a friendly user interface, with better search window and it comes at a little cheaper than DomCop. Its clear metrics are perhaps the main reason why it is considered one of the favorite expired domain finder tool.

Register Compass

And given that accurate metrics is very critical and ease in verifying every domain name is a serious time waster, Register Compass has it going for these points!

5. FreshDrop

If you wish to find valuable domains that can be used for your online business, FreshDrop has got it. Be it a domain name for personal use, it will easily surface great quality expired domains for you to make a choice.


It offers a perfect combination of excellent quality service and user-friendliness to make your search easier and convenience so that you can end up finding yourself a great brand!

6. SnapNames

SnapNames easily exceeds all expectations, as it offers the most desired domain name for your business; and there is more likely that you can still get your desired domain name even if someone else already has it.


It’s buyback offer is unrivalled, and makes it easy to track your favourite domain name, which you can also bid for without any reservations.

7. Domain ReAnimator

Domain Re-Animator offers web-based, domain crawler that scraps expired domain names with literally millions of domains that expired recently. While most domains expire because the owners just forgot about the renewal, or perhaps have never used it, and many other possible reasons.

Domain ReAnimator

This tool can help you find any of the expired domain names that easy, and it offers a great Moz PA and DA metrics as well, with citation and trust flow for the domains.

8. is a free expired domain discovery service, that also provides Metrics such as domain authority, page authority, trust, and citation flow to help you find the quality expired domain.

It surfaces most recently dropped domains, so if all you are after is an aged domain that expired over a year ago, this is not the tool for you.


Launched by the popular domain evaluation service, EstiBot, provides detailed analytics on expiring and domains available for auctions, with over 7 million domains in its directory.

It sources results from all major registrars, backorder services and marketplaces, availing you an extensive list to purchase expired domains cheaper than other providers.

10. NameJet

NameJet is a premier marketplace for expired domain names, with advanced software that allows the display of all domain names available for both domain professionals, and businesses, looking to acquire domains that just expired.


It also offers Metrics such as PageRank, Trust and Citation flow, among others.

One more tool which you should not miss when you are searching for expired domains – SpamZilla

11. SpamZilla:

SpamZilla is a fantastic online tool for SEO’s to find the best expired domains on the market. With a modern and simple to use interface, its super easy to find niche relevant domains quickly.

SpamZilla expired domain finder

What really sets SpamZilla apart from other tools is the amount of data you can review for each domain. Checking the website history, backlinks, anchor text, domain drops, ranking keywords, Google index etc. means you don’t need to swap between multiple tools to check this data. With various domain sources (not just expired domains), you can browse auction domains, pending delete domains, prerelease domains, ccTLD domains and more.

12. SEO Domains:

With a free account at the SEO.Domains marketplace, you can uncover more than 20,000 spam-checked expired domains. They offer over 150 gTLDs and ccTLDs, basically, there is a suitable domain for any SEO project, country, budget, and niche topic.

seo-domains-finder-toolYou will save tons of time because all the info you need about the domain is right there: authority metrics (DA, DR, TF, CF), Google index, monthly traffic, price, topic, language.

Now, the ball is in your court! You’ve got all the choices available to select from any of these expired domains finding services or a combination of them for your next websites’ name search!

There are many experts online who also can help you find domains and they can save you a bunch of time. Ask Fernando Raymond, Dinesh Kumar or Kasun Sameera for more information.

You can get the daily dropped free expired domains list here.

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What’s next after you got the best expired domains?

You need a reliable host to host your domains. If you are using the expired domains to build a PBN, read this article by Praneeth: A Cheap and Reliable Hosting Solution for SEOs

And if you want to learn how to monetize your PBNs then you should take the Blog Profits Blueprint course at the SeekaHost University to get an ROI from your investment in expired domains.