Top 12 SEO Project Management Tools You Need To Handle SEO Services

Project Management Tools

Are you a little overwhelmed by your SEO tasks and perhaps looking for effective SEO project management tools that can help in managing and automate the processes?

As an Internet marketing strategist, you can be caught up in a web of SEO tasks that are somewhat overwhelming; streamlining the search engines ranking criteria, assigning some tasks to your team members, or even handling of already due items on calendar, these are some of the processes in which a project management tool can be helpful.

This programmed algorithm really depends on what tasks you want to accomplish with the tool, and how you’d like to use it and what you want to achieve for your client SEO campaigns.

If any of the above scenarios apply to you, and you’d like to have the answer to the above question, then you’re in the right place. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that adopting this new automated processes, by employing project management tools, will boost your standing in the current ever-evolving SEO landscape.

SEO Project Management Tools

Find below our curated top 11 essential SEO Project Management Tools you’d really need to scale through your SEO tasks with your SEO team.

1. Linkio

Linkio is a project management tool that can help SEOs to track link building tasks, which is perhaps the most demanding task for many SEO professionals.


It allows you to automate, plan, track and report on the link building campaigns so that your team can easily use the software to see any major impact.

Linkio is also linked to Google Sheets, making it easier for users to still employ the tool, but instead of the complicated spreadsheet interface, you get a simpler and familiar interface that is devoid of some errors commonly associated with the spreadsheet tracking.

Another advantage is that Linkio affords you the capability to increase productivity by helping your team to multitask no matter the stage of the goal cycle.

2. Basecamp

Basecamp is a reliable project management tool that enables organizations to have a high-level collaboration between teams. It can also help to monitor tracking, as it offers additional features such as centralized document storage, direct messaging and a scheduling tool.


The scheduling tool helps to ensure teams never miss any deadline, and it eliminates the need for “check-ins” by sending automated messages to team members.

It will come handy for SEOs in managing client’s SEO tasks which consist of different deadlines and help in keeping track of messages, with central documents, to stay on top of their most demanding tasks by efficiently checking in with members using the app.

3. Asana

Asana is completely free with unlimited tasks and to-do lists, serving as one-stop-shop for SEO professionals looking to automate the management of their workflow.


It allows users to assign tasks to projects, create lists, set reminders, manage due dates, including communication via comments by team members.

4. Trello

Trello can be helpful to SEOs in managing their SEO projects, with teams support at any time. It allows users to manage their workflow in a visual way, and easily assign members, with features like “Trello Cards” to “Trello Boards” for Groups.


In fact, this tool is adjudged as one of the best project management tools for SEOs, as it makes it easy to add tasks, and users can easily collaborate while still allowing a high level of flexibility.

5. TeamWork

TeamWork is one of the top project management tool recommended for SEO agencies, as it offers more flexibility, allowing users to create an unlimited number of members for any task.


It also integrates with OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox for storage. While it works equally well with accounting software like Freshbooks and Xero, among others; which makes it much easier for invoicing clients.

6. Slack

Slack integrates with other project management tools such as Asana and Trello, making it a more versatile tool for SEOs, allowing you to communicate with team members and clients.


It’s awesome for SEO project management, with Slackbot serving as your own personal assistant. And you can also create automated responses and answer questions, all within the platform.

7. FreedCamp

FreedCamp is an entirely free way to collaborate with groups of people more efficiently. It offers project management and collaboration system for teams, with web, mobile and desktop support.


It enables teams the use of a single collaborative tool in managing all tasks, with workflow, schedule, communications, documents, issues and time spent, fully automated. It offers a flexible system whereby users start with basic features, with more advanced ones added later as the needs arise.

8. ProofHub

ProofHub provides a central place for projects, teams, and communications, serving as a comprehensive project management tool that helps teams to communicate better and manage projects with greater control.


It boosts productivity by increasing visibility and accountability, thus resulting in faster project delivery, which is capable of helping team members achieve a more satisfactory work rate.

9. TeamGantt

TeamGantt is a web-based Gantt chart software with advanced drag-and-drop features that lets users manage their projects easily. It affords even non-project managers the ease of managing a team, by inviting co-workers, and friends, to collaborate on projects.


And it helps to keep all itineraries – including conversations, tasks, documents, and team availability – all in one place.

10. Accelo

Accelo is rather a cloud-based Service Operations Automation (ServOps) solution that allows users to manage all client activities on the platform.


It helps to streamline all your client service processes, like managing team schedules and projects, all in one place. Accelo brings the key needs of project management, like service tickets, and collaboration in one platform for businesses of all sizes.

11. Markup Hero

With Markup Hero you can annotate screenshots or images so that you can communicate SEO analytics, technical issues or processes in WordPress or social media stats for example with a colleague, friend or a whole team.


It certainly is a screenshot and annotation tool every SEO project manager needs in their toolbox to provide fast and efficient task communication visuals. With Markup Hero your screenshot including mark up tools is provided in the browser, so not via the desktop, which makes it more effective when you want to keep track of all your mark-ups.

12. GanttPRO

GanttPRO is a perfect choice for SEO teams having lots of tasks with dates and deadline management challenges. The software offers a visualized method for task management, progress tracking, team collaboration, and resource management.


One of the nicest things about GanttPRO is that even inexperienced users can start working on their projects, managing tasks, and collaborating on them literally within minutes.

It is pertinent to note that some of these project management tools may not work for everyone. But all, certainly, can be employed by SEO professionals to ease and automate their tasks, albeit the likes of Linkio, Asana, Basecamp, and Trello bring diverse features, to make it much easier for SEO marketers to carry out their job more effectively.

And if you’re just in the middle of learning SEO online, these tools can come in handy while getting the hang of SEO for communicating with other employees, students or SEO geeks.

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