Why You Must Keep Your Site Up-to date?


Having many websites is common for business owners to make sure they have different websites for different businesses that they own. On the other hand, having them up-to date is important too! If you leave your website without updating them regularly, the website becomes vulnerable to security issues that are more common in CMS based systems like WordPress.

Why WordPress for your website?

WordPress is one of the most used CMS in the entire digital world! WordPress provides a wide variety of paid as well as free plugins to achieve various functionalities in the CMS. These plugins vary from

  • Contact Form
  • Visual Builder
  • Security Plugins
  • Website Caching Systems
  • SEO Plugins (with all core functionalities)
  • User interaction management plugins
  • User Access level controls
  • Themes and Frameworks
  • Lots more!

Is WordPress Safe?

A short answer is “YES” (when managed properly).

WordPress sites are amongst the top CMS that gets hacked. The main reason being not keeping the site up-to date, WordPress also have continuous updates form the developers. To make sure your site is safe from all security issues, you should keep site site up to date.

How to keep your WordPress Site Safe?

  1. Update Plugins Regularly.
  2. Get theme updates from your developer regularly.
  3. Update WordPress Core as soon as the update is released.
  4. Make sure you do not use plugins downloaded from unknown sources.
  5. Remove unwanted plugins and files from your web server periodically.
  6. Change passwords regularly.
  7. Use a Well established Security service.
  8. Use Cloud Hosting (or) Server with good Firewall.
  9. Have regular backups on the Cloud.

Need professional Support?

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