Which City of London SEO Consultancy is Best to Hire for Local SEO Services?


Whether you’re a local business owner, marketer, or webmaster, you may be looking to boost your online marketing and for local SEO one of this listed city of London SEO consultancies may be the right partner.

Check out some of the top-rated London SEO agencies that come in different sizes with varying features, services, and fees that may or may not suit you and your business, hence why this comparison will help you decide.

If you would like to discover more international SEO companies then you can find some of the best listed on the UK business blog by ClickDo.

But in London, which is the best SEO agency for local SEO services?

We have curated this list of the top-ranking London SEO Companies for local SEO services so that you as a local UK business owner can choose from the cream of the crop.

But first, let’s see why you might need to consult one of the best London SEO companies.

What does an SEO Consultancy do?

From website optimization to digital marketing, SEO consultancies offer specialised services for businesses moving online with an online shop or services websites.

SEO aka search engine optimization includes tactics and techniques that are very technical, requiring SEO tools and a certain expertise in this field.

SEO keeps evolving just as technology does and a good SEO agency adapts to stay abreast with everything to offer the best SEO services. Google and other search engines constantly change their tactics, which impacts how websites are ranked.

The most established SEO tactics include backlinking, guest posting, mobile friendly websites, and so on and you can find many useful tips on the best SEO blogs. If your business website is not optimized for SEO, it may not rank well on search engines for the desired search terms, hence your potential customers won’t find your brand on the internet.

An SEO Consultancy helps with:

  • Expert advice for your business website performance on search engines
  • Your website reaching the top spots on major search engines results pages
  • Optimizing your site to make it more user and reader friendly (also for bots)
  • Attracting and reaching more new customers
  • Optimizing your site for local searches
  • Building and sustaining brand visibility
  • Increase your profits

What do the listed London SEO Companies offer for local SEO?

The SEO companies in London listed here tick many boxes that are important for local SEO experts such as citation building, guest posting, and link building services. All the SEO consultancies mentioned here are highly skilled in what they can do for your local London business for different reasons, which are highlighted.

Compare the best SEO consultancies that are based in the City of London and what you can gain from their expertise for your online business.


CLICKDOAward-winning ClickDo Ltd., founded by Fernando Raymond, an SEO consultant who started back in 2013, has worked with hundreds of local SMEs in London and the UK and is therefore among the top local SEO services agencies in Britain. Their client list boasts of clients from almost every industry in the country ranging from health to construction and jewellery. They specialise in local SEO consultancy services such as citation building with UK business listings, guest posting in local news and media platforms, Google Ads and you can reach them with this number 0044 020 7175 1344.


CLICK SLICEThis London SEO agency focuses on data analysis for local business owners. Click Slice present their data in charts so you see and understand how exactly your website can be ranked better on search engines and attract more potential customers. They conduct competitor analysis too and generate a link building strategy for your business. Get in touch with the Click Slice team for an initial enquiry via 0044 020 3287 3638.


PEARL LEMONPearl Lemon has a global team with over 25 years of collective experience, having worked with London clients in almost any niche ranging from fine jewellery to private aviation and fashion. This award-winning SEO agency creates bespoke local SEO action plans for their business clients. You can talk to one of their experts in the live chat or call 0044 020 7183 3436.


BULLDOG DIGITAL MEDIABulldog Digital Media is an award-winning digital marketing agency in London that has branched out to other UK cities too. Their strength lies in featuring businesses in reputable local and international publications like The Daily Mail, The Huffington Post, Adweek, and many more. And which business owner wouldn’t like to achieve that for their brand and business? Their phone number is 0044 020 3151 4750 if you want to find out more.


NOVI DIGITALThis SEO agency with branches in London and other major UK cities offers local SEO services such as CRO, SEO PPC, SEO auditing services, and much more. The founder and CEO of novi.digital SEO agency is Aaron Crewe, you can speak to the customer care team on 0044 01524 566 736 to launch an enquiry.


CALIBERCaliber is a London based data focused SEO & marketing agency describing itself as ‘The smart organic marketing agency.” If you prefer smart marketing research, analytics, and reporting, then Caliber will suit your needs well to narrow down your local SEO marketing strategy. Talk to them on 0044 131 5544 2333.


FOUND DIGITAL LTDThis London based digital marketing & SEO consultancy is committed to helping clients achieve impactful results through thorough data analytics. For any local business, it is vital to understand how to engage, educate and convert local consumers and attract them to their brand. Found Digital can be reached on 0044 020 7653 6709 for all enquiries.


COALThis London SEO agency specialises in SEO strategy, web development, email marketing, and lead generation for local businesses. The team of 20 helps businesses run branding campaigns, create digital marketing plans, manage social media profiles among other services, with a focus on targeting the local community. The Coal office number can be reached under 0044 020 3808 7250.


GOLDENBOY MEDIABased in London, this small SEO company 2 specializes in web design and development, SEO, and branding for local businesses. They have been in operation since 2010 and you can reach Goldenboy Media on 0044 020 3397 2028 to discuss any local SEO strategies.


NEADOO DIGITAL LTDNeadoo Digital has grown over the years and has a team of 14 employees, based in London. Founded in 2012, this SEO company offers services such as PPC, web development, conversion optimization, and content marketing services with the aim of increasing lead generation and subsequently sales. Office number 02034894790.

Which is your favourite City of London SEO Consultancy?

Now that you have met the top 10 London SEO Agencies, you can contact them to find out more before you hire one. ClickDo Ltd. is one of the most experienced SEO consultancies in London as you can see through their case studies, however, the other listed contenders have different strengths especially when it comes to local SEO. You can see in the list that each of them specialises in different SEO and marketing techniques and establishing what your business needs most is the first step towards narrowing down which of these agencies is the right candidate for your local SEO work. All of them offer free consultations so speak to them and get to know them. Often the best SEO partner is the one you connect with immediately.