What is internal links & how it impacts SEO?

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What is internal linking in SEO?

Internal links are the link which is used to link the one page to another page in same domain. Internal link are ranking our website in search engine. Internal links are presented in the content part, we can link a particular word or a sentence. If we click on the particular word or sentence it brings us to another page in the same website. It is very important for Search engine Optimization and it will increase the ranking and helps to bring the organic traffic for our website. Internal links will help to navigate the one page to another. For example, If we have a particular website, where we wrote a blog of one page regarding social media and another page regarding search engine optimization then another page as digital marketing. If the user came to the website for social media, when they click on the internal link that brings to the next page for search engine optimization and also by the next click it moves to the Digital marketing page. This is called internal linking.

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When we give the internal link inside the content, it is much more easy for the user to navigate the page and also the user will spend more time in our website. The user can able to jump form one content to another content which is related to each other. We have to remember that when we give the internal link make sure that existing page remains the same window, open the new page will be open in the new window. Internal links will helps, Google to crawling and indexing our website. Internal links will reduce the bounce rate. Bounce rate is nothing but when the user will open the website and close it soon. So when we give so many internal link in a website the user will moving longer time with our website. Internal link is also called as anchor text. The anchor text is clickable. When the user click on the link, it is clickable.

Internal links will connect your content and give Google an idea for your website. For example if we are searching for SEO, there we can find the anchor text. When we click on it we can see another page with the same domain that is known as internal link. We can find it in many places of the webpages. It will boost your ranking power because it helps search engines to understand the structure of your website how two different pages are interacting with one another and also it helps to navigate the website and keeps users on the website by providing relevant content by links. This will more helpful to the users and make interesting about our website. It is one of the surface because lots of things that we take into account when interlinking between your own pages. To implement the good and effective internal linking strategy, we must first understand the basics of the internal link. Your website structure is very important for its success on search engines.  The site structure is bound to internal links, because search engines use internal links for SEO and crawl your website. When new domain is created, a request can sent to search engines to crawl and index it. Search engines crawl the home page of that website will analyze it of what’s important for ranking it and look for links to other pages. This is called as Internal linking.

Why Are Internal Links Important for SEO?

Internal links used to Google find, index and understand all of the pages on your website. If you use them you can understand that the internal links can send page authority to important pages and also increase the page ranking in search engine.

Link to Important Pages

When you are planned with link to another page on your website, you send link authority to that page. Internal links are not nearly as powerful as links from other sites. But they still help. That’s why smart Search Engine Optimization  strategically link to very important pages.

Avoid the Same Anchor Text For Two Different Pages

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If you use same anchor text with the content, that will confuses the heck out of Google. For example, You have two pages on your website. One is about grain-free chocolate. And the other is about low-carb chocolate. You need not want to link to both pages with the same anchor text for the website. Therefore the Google says that, they think that both pages are on the exact same topic in the website. In front of that it use different, describe anchor text for each page in the website.

Use Internal Links To Help With Indexing

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Google search engine will always finds and indexes all of the important pages on a site. But if you have LOTS of pages the Google search engine might only index a certain percentage of your website’s pages. This is called as internal linking. Internal links make it easy for Google search engine to find pages on your website. So if you have a set of pages or a page, that you want indexed or that page’s category from your website’s navigation or internal link to that page.

Avoid Automation

Automation are not a fan of tools that automate the internal linking in the website. Because the reasons are:

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  1. It’s hard to be strategic:In the automation the tools and plugins add internal links without understanding which pages need to add internal link or which pages on your website are best to link form.
  2. Anchor text spam:Depending on the size of your website, a plugin can easily create exact match anchor text internal links overnight in our website.
  3. Ignores users:Internal links aren’t just for Search Engine Optimization. They also help users find related content on your website.

Add Internal Links to Old Pages

First, find an old article on your website. Then you have to note that the website it publish at least a year ago .Then you have to grab a list of pages that you published since you first published the old article in the website. Then at last you have to scan the page for places, where you can add an internal link to a new page in the website.