About ClickFunnel SEO And Why You Need Search Engine Optimization?

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This is a follow up post to give you some tips on ClickFunnels SEO and how you can utilize the limited SEO capabilities and maximize your organic search engine optimization chances. As the leading organic SEO professionals in the world, it’s our responsibility to do our research and find how can such a great software like ClickFunnels can use search engines like Google, Bing to get organic traffic to their beautiful landing pages.

As and SEO Consultant I also wanted to know how we can support the SEO aspect and do a guide and share with the people. In this short post I will give you the current core SEO functions on ClickFunnels and how you can use it and you should be using it teh right way. I’m currently doing my research with Fernando and Logesh and how to get the ClickFunnels subdomains and targeted landing pages like this https://danhenry.org/home2 can possibly have a chance to rank on search engines. Because missing on Google traffic is certainly a big loss. Just imagine Dan Henry could have his home page as https://danhenry.org/ nice right? **Click and see and it redirects to https://danhenry.org/home2 which is shame. Now see this website of JR Rivas > https://www.jrrivas.com/ pretty well presented URL structures. That’s because Fernando adviced JR during the  Barcelona SEO bootcamp to go ahead with WordPress to get the URLs right and organic SEO advantages.

Now do not be upset about the tight situation about SEO with landing pages. Sit tight and read below and wait for teh guide.


With that being said, now let dive in to What’s this software is about and how can you use the as of now available SEO functions to increase your chances to rank organically.

What is a ClickFunnel?


ClickFunnel is basically a software which makes you build custom landing pages, sales funnels and also lets you manage the entire sales funnel as well. ClickFunnel offers you to create seven types of funnels like Lead Capture Funnel, Sales Funnel, Webinar Funnel, Auto-webinar Funnel, Membership Funnel, Launch Funnel, Custom Funnel.

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ClickFunnel SEO:

ClickFunnel by default offers the SEO settings to edit the page. When you build the pages using the ClickFunnel it is important for you to update the SEO and the Meta data information. This information will be indexed by the search engines and also this determines how the posts will be displayed in the search engines when your links are shared.

ClickFunnel offers the SEO Settings like,

  • Title
  • Description
  • Keywords
  • Author
  • Social Image


The title allows you to give the information about the page (i.e) the title of the page. This will be displayed on the tab of the browsers. From the view of the search engines, this will remain as the main title of the webpage.

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Description, also known as the metadata of the web page is a small descriptive data which will tell about the content present on the webpage. This small data may include the target keywords also as well.


In this section, you can add the target keywords list. It will be helpful for the search engines and also for the users as well in finding the correct webpage for them.

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Author & Social Image:

The author name can be included if any and also an image related to the content can be added here. This image will be displayed in the social Media’s if the particular link is shared.

In many cases, Facebook will show only the URL’s but not the images. In this case, You may need to scrape your pages multiple times in order to get the correct data. This can be done by using the Facebook Debugger Tool.

Thus by using the ClickFunnel, you can create custom landing pages, also integrate the payment methods in case of sales funnels in a quick and easy way.

Hope you got some ideas about how to use the each and every available option.

Fernando will be releasing the latest guide on ClickFunnels SEO and how as a user, you can get your ClickFunnels web pages get to highest possible chance to rank organically on Google and Bing.