What is a PBN & what are PBN backlinks in SEO?

What is private blog network

What is a PBN (Private Blog Network)?

A Private Blog Network is a network of websites used to build links to your money websites for ranking higher on search engines.

It is used to build backlinks for websites for better search engine rankings and results. This is used to link wheel, link pyramid, etc., as it involves different kinds of websites all linking to one another or to one central website.

In addition, private network blogs are generally groups of websites all owned by one particular company or individual but separate individuals who are joining together to link to one another could also be considered a private blog network.

PBNS is abbreviated for a Private blog Network Site, referring to a site that is part of your private blog network. And the most important thing is each of the individual private blog network sites is not linked to each other in any way.

The main idea of a private blog network is that the sites that are part of it do not appear related to each other so that all backlinks work well for SEO purposes and give a boost. It is therefore recommended to use multiple IP hosting for PBNs with no footprints.

What are PBN backlinks?

Private blog network

PBN backlinks are the links used to build a link from a network of connected websites and blogs. These websites are run by the same person, who’s using authority to build links to their money website. They also have another option, which is to sell PBN links to other website owners for more profit.

The Structure of a PBN bears similarities to that of the publishing company like Gawker Media LLC, which owns block like Lifehacker, Deadspin and other. Whatever the difference with websites found in a Private Blog Network is that they are primarily used for building links instead of providing valuable content for their targeted audience.

Since unnatural link building of this sort is a form of manipulation in the eyes of Google search engine, also known as black hat SEO, the blog networks are closed from the public to avoid detection. You also need to use different hosting providers for each website to obscure your digital footprint. This is used to privately increase the ranks of websites on the Google search engine. Simply we can say, this is one of the blog networks and build links to your money site because of ranking higher in search engine.

Why do people Build Private Blog Network Backlinks?

Building Private Blog Network backlinks is more convenient than natural backlinks because you have full discretion over how and where to build links. You can publish content with links to your money sites using your anchor texts. You can also inter-link between websites to increase the flow of link juice to the money websites. Even if you do not own Private Blog Network, you can purchase backlinks from people with connections to a Private Blog Network owner. The only limitation that a Private Blog Network provides depends on the number of websites or blogs you have in your network.

Is a PBN good to use for SEO?

Is PBN is good to seo

Private blog networks are effective as long as backlinks are the main ranking factor in Google search engine result pages. The infield of working in SEO, industry try to create a bunch of links to the target page from the high authority sites. It is mainly done by buying the expired high authority domains and linking from it. This gave birth to the Private Blog Networks. SEO workers started using PBNs to create good and quality backlinks to their websites to boost them.

Advantages of using Private Blog Networks:

If you choose correct private blog network sites for linking, then confirmedly it will help you to get a search engine organization boost for your website. It is based on whether the private blog network is updated regularly. Before giving more importance to the domain authority of the private network blog site, make sure that the private network blog websites are hosted in the unique IP’s and not on the same IP. This will perfectly make Google understand that it is a manual link building process.

How to protect a website from PBNs?

If your site may be involved in PBN link building without you knowing it, especially if you are outsourcing your link building to the third parties by buying guest posts or backlinks on other services and sites your website may be in danger, if those PBNs are not looked after well and contain high-quality content. The key is a strong oversight of your link building activities using SEO trackers and SEO management tools.  You can build high-quality backlinks for your website by using professional Guest Posting Services and Link Building Services.

Guest Posting:

Successful guest posting is the organic way of building authority links to the websites. It is used to publish quality blogs on high authority websites related to your niche. By the opposite way, you will get quality backlinks from that one particular website where you have published the blog. If you want to find the best website related to your niche, you can touch with the bloggers, guest blog providers. Guest blog outreach workers will help you to find the websites that suit your domain. A guest blog is a way to create authentic links to the site. You don’t want to focus on building more links from the same site, instead try to build separate and unique links form a wide range of websites. This will make your backlink profile look the way that is more organic. We have to give equal importance to do-follow and no-follow links.


email outreach in PBN

Which are growing traffic to our site, link building, guest posting, getting product reviews, promoting your content or promoting your business and getting more subscriptions, sales, etc. When you email outreach to create a link for our website. We can send 50 emails a day to pre-qualified leads. Then a month of doing the same, we would get between 10 to 50 backlinks. There are four steps to get better email outreach, they are finding the right leads and their emails, craft the right email outreach templates, send emails, then finally measure results, follow up, close, blacklist, etc.

PBNs are vital for White Hat SEO strategies

With the right approach and knowledge, PBNs can be a huge help with SEO. If you follow search engine guidelines and white hat SEO strategies with all of your PBNs then they should not just be beneficial for all your websites’ SEO, but they may also be monetized and earn you some extra cash on the side.

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