Top 5 Keyword research tools for content marketing success

Content Marketing

To help in taking your Content Marketing campaigns a notch higher, these essential Keyword Research Tools will surely come in handy!

Digital marketing has been adjudged as the most result-oriented marketing approach, while there are many forms to this marketing, but the aspect that focuses on the creation, publishing, and distribution of content for the targeted audience is what we will discuss in this post.

It’s often believed by many that keywords remain the most critical and important part of SEO, and that is a fact. 

Best Keyword research tools

So, here we are putting together a comprehensive list of our top 5 keyword research tools, of course, that will help to make your task of identifying the best of the tools easier.

1. Ahrefs Keywords Explorer

Ahrefs has been a great boon to the SEO community, with an array of tools to make the job of SEOs a lot easier, and they boasts of running the largest index of live backlinks on the Web. Ahrefs also have robots that are constantly crawlling billions of web pages, with the index updated every 15 minutes with fresh data report.

Now, all these makes it the goto destination for keyword research, and the Ahrefs Keywords Explorer is top notch to salvage the needs of SEOs to arriving at effective keywords for their content marketing campaigns. And apart from the fact that you get access to a huge database, you equally get a breakdown of the top competitions and the number of searchers that actually click on the result.

Ahrefs will even disclose the exact number of backlinks that will be required to rank your content on the first page of Google, thus it is pretty well known as a backlink analysis tool.

2. Soovle

This tool makes available to you little known keywords, suggested from Google, Bing, and Wikipedia, among others, so that you can discover the untapped keywords that is unknown to your competitors.

Soovle will easily save the favorite keywords with it’s “drag & drop” suggestions feature, which will afford you a single place to discover new keywords for your content marketing drives, and it allows you to download the keywords as a CSV file.

3. KW finder

KWFinder brings you Keywords using questions based research option so that you can quickly discover long tail keywords that are focused on problem-solving to drive highly targeted traffic to your site.

In fact, for those looking for a tool that’s completely dedicated to Keyword research, KWFinder is perhaps your best available tool, and they are relatively new to the market, albeit the fastest growing SEO tool.

It offers both paid and free plans, with a basic plan that is affordable for everyone as the best. But, the free account, of course, have got some limitations to the effectiveness of the keyword research.

4. SECockpit

The number of features in this tool is mindblowing, and often newbie to SEO find it a little overwhelming. However, for those looking for in-depth keyword analysis, SECockpit is the tool. As you’ll be amazed at the sheer number of features, which will surely worth its cost.

SECockpit uniqueness stems from the fact that it has inbuilt capabilities that enable you to get at the depth of popular searches, mostly from the organic SEO traffic competition and also get their traffic estimates.

It will also show some other important competition metrics from the top 10 pages in the search results, including DA (Domain Authority) and total number of backlinks.

5. SpyFu

This is perhaps the best SEO optimization product on the market, as it effectively helps you to analyze keywords to stay ahead of the competition in even the most tight of niches.

SpyFu is pretty useful if you need to keep track of the competition as it makes it easier for you to find keywords that are little tapped in the market, and also giving you an edge by uncovering the top Keywords used by your competitors.

And those are our Top 5 Keyword research tools for content marketing success. Are you already using any or a combination of the above listed keyword research tools?

Let us know what your experiences have been like so far?

Or perhaps you’ve got a question about any of the tools. Either way, you can leave a comment below and we will try as much as possible to give an answer to it.