7 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Amazing Online Marketing Content


Launching amazing content marketing campaigns can drastically increase sales, attract new customers, and boost a brand’s online reputation. However, launching the wrong content marketing strategy can result in wasted time, effort, and money.

When you are planning your next online content marketing strategy, there are a few mistakes to be sure to avoid at all times.

Offering Generic Content

Creating an online hub that covers a variety of topics may seem appealing, but can quickly turn into a generic source of content.

Focusing on too many topics at once can lead to burnout, causing the quality of the content you produce to drop dramatically.

Rather than attempting to be an online source of information for just about every topic, consider honing in on a niche that is untapped or that sparks passion in you.

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You’re Using the Wrong Voice

Choosing the right voice is essential when developing a new brand and building a content marketing strategy.

Consider the demographics you want to reach when crafting new content. How old is the audience you are appealing to? Does your audience prefer speaking casually, or are they seeking a brand that appears corporate and professional? How will your prospective readers or customers discover and read the content you create? Select a voice for your content that resonates with the audience you want to reach to retain their interest.

Avoiding SEO

SEO is an extremely important aspect of developing a content marketing strategy, especially if you intend to have your content shared on other websites and social media platforms.

Without SEO, users may find it increasingly difficult to find your website when searching for the content you have published when using search engines.

Choosing bold headers, titles, and relevant link anchors matter when it comes to building a successful content marketing strategy.

Consider working together with an SEO agency to ensure your website is properly formatted and fully optimized for top search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and DuckDuckGo.

Working with an agency such as Sydney SEO JoelHouse is a way to ensure your website is in the right hands as you work towards boosting its rankings within today’s top search engines.

Assume Your Audience Will Find Your Content

Even if you have crafted the most in-depth niche article on your favorite topic in the entire world, there is no guarantee that anyone will find it.

Never assume that your audience is capable of finding your content, even if it is visible within the first page of search results on your favorite search engine.

Using various channels such as social media, email newsletters, and even third-party advertising is necessary to maximize your online reach and your ability to share your content and various links to your official website.

No Clearly Defined Goals

Launching an online marketing campaign requires clearly defined goals, regardless of the size and budget of the campaign itself.

Set clearly defined goals which include the length of your campaign, your budget, the platforms you intend to use, as well as the demographics you want to reach.

Defining goals can help keep better track of successful campaigns and content that work best to appeal to your prospective users or customers.

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To Sales

If your content seems too salesy and not informative or engaging enough, users are less likely to desire to learn more about your business and brand. When content is not relevant enough to those who are reading it, they are likely to search elsewhere for an alternative source.

You Are Using the Wrong CTAs

Using the wrong CTAs (calls-to-action) can quickly cut into the number of sales you are making and the amount of revenue you are generating.

Tweak and test each CTA you use within email marketing campaigns, in-depth articles, and with each new campaign, you launch using platforms such as Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads.

A/B testing is extremely beneficial to determine which CTA and imagery work best to market your content online.

Knowing which mistakes to avoid when creating online content is a way to ensure amazing marketing campaigns each time you launch a new one.

With the right content marketing strategy and the ability to maneuver around potentially costly mistakes, maximize your online reach and your ability to appeal to your target audience and demographic.