How to Optimize a Content in a Web page?


A web page will be optimized based on various factors. Some of the most important factors to be considered to optimize and deliver the website is website designing, web

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page loading speed, website content optimization, Image optimization and so on.

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Website Designing is the way of creating a website in a structural format by organizing the content in it. The Website acts as an intermediate between the user and information. Website is a place where information is stored and can be accessed all over the web. The main aim of a website is to deliver the information to the user. The website must be designed in such a way that it must highlight the content to be delivered. Highlighting the content is more important than creating an attractive website. Professional Web Designers will design a website based on the domain. Users will be able to understand the domain just by viewing a website. The functionality of a website will be highlighted through the web designing itself.

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Content Based Optimization

Content is the most important part of a web page. A user enters into a website is to gain some information about the product or to purchase a product or to get some services. The need of a user will be based on a domain. Proper Optimization of the content will help the webpage to rank in the top of google search results. Some of the important factors to be considered for content optimization is mentioned below.

A Web page must contain a minimum of 500 words. There is no word limit or restrictions but a web page with more content will make the search engine to understand the relevancy of the content and it helps the ranking so easy.

Before filling the webpage with content we must decide a target keyword for the particular webpage. The terms used by the people to find the content through a search engine is termed as keywords.

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Naturally, if your content is describing something, then it will recur throughout the content. The number of times a keyword used repeatedly in the content is termed as keyword density. Excess use of keywords will show the content as keyword stuffed and it will penalize the web page which will not be ranked in the top results.

The Keyword must be mentioned in a prioritized manner by including it in heading level tags. Also, the content must have images and videos which will make the content to look attractive and interesting for the viewers.

The Image used on the website must have proper alt tags and description to make the content look user-friendly.