SEO Guide 2019 For Small Business (Basic to Advanced Strategies)


SEO Aka search engine optimization in 2019 is a topic every online marketer talks about. Thousands of people try to lean the skill set to rank small business websites every day and many people just end up getting by with some basic knowledge but never really become skilled to rank for tough keywords on the web.

In this guide, I did focus on covering basics so you know what is SEO and then I move to explaining to you what is local SEO and focus on adding value to the local SEO community as local search engine optimization is so hot right now in the United Kingdom.

2019 SEO guide for small business

This is the latest SEO guide for small business owners in the UK that covers the basics to advance level. So you know what works and how to understand search engine optimization.

I’ve been an commercial SEO consultant <**Check that pages to see the story**, since early years and during last two years I’ve become the most skilled search engine optimization consultant who knows how to budge for any keyword I wish to rank! It’s a lot of work, so depending on the investments I go about ranking my client’s websites and my own websites for tough terms, that helps gain leads, sell products and even gain authority.

I’ve started this website > that will share with you all that you need to know  LOCAL SEO SECRETS  this year and beyond. Now before going there read the below fully as I’ve given many links from this blog with many strategies you must know to rank a business websites on first-page search engines.

What is the latest SEO tips for 2019?

Read > that I predicted and worked well. Most of the SEO fundamentals are the same and works.

You can see I still rank as a local SEO consultant in London, UK.

In this details guide, you will learn what is SEO?


So those were some of my predictions.

Now let’s get to the details. Before going to long details, I will share this YouTube video done by Josh Bachynski where takes you on the journey of optimization and how and what to be done for 2016!

However, those are the SEO fundamentals you must know as of today in 2018/.

If you guys watched it and still want some more justification before I bring it on my game, check this out > The Fundamental Guide To SEO In 2016

After that, you must read this > Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide – Google, because if you plan to step in to this industry and become a top-notch player, you must know everything about what Google itself says about their search engine and what’s in this guide. So do not skip that part!


Now we got something very interesting for you, and that’s the >> The Periodic Table Of SEO Success Factors which is from search engine land which is designed to depict the factors that will help your website succeed in gaining more traffic from organic search.

Download the > Periodic Table Of SEO Factors

And now it’s the SEO techniques by Fernando where I will be talking about ideas and how I go about budging for the toughest terms with some latest techniques.

What Is Technical SEO & Why You Need Technical SEO In 2018?

My SEO Guiding factors for 2018

Creating world-class On-Page Design – It’s vital you create pages that people want to spend time on, share, read every detail. Now See this page > that’ on second pages on G in less than 7 days of doing it for terms like “SEO expert London” and on 3rd page for “SEO consultant London” **That’s done by super creative design and today (20.03.2016) we populated content and Kasun did the further design. You see how it feels to look at that page! Keep an eye on that. <<< This was edited on the 05.05.2018 as tweaked the SEO guide to have latest tips and tricks that works.

What’s next? – Creating long detailed pages, posts that covers the topic in the most authentic manner. The web has so much content on any given topic, so if you to rank and get some space on top 3 spots, your site has to offer something good! You must score on page speed like a cheetah!

Then what? – Get social love, people should engage, share, and give the search engines the indication that the pages/post is so good and it’s important to get more eyeballs on the web.

Then after that? – Get backlinks from so many places! If the On-Pages SEO is done so good, Google, Yahoo, Bing knows what you site is about! You just need to get a good amount of naked URL and branded anchors positing at that particular page/post URL. **I will get in to detailed about PBNs and how personally done Blogs helps the budge in a next article and it’s not what you’ve heard about private blogs and what other big names told you!

I’ve come to realize that Google lifts websites that get a lot of traffic, that spends time on it, shares it and even engage on pages wise. See the Facebook comments section I’ve activates on this SEO blog? << I did it to show the most authentic engagement on the blog and let’s see how it helps the ranks and drive massive traffic to this blog form the web.

Drop your comments below and let me know your feedback, as I will be picking up those when I come back to update this post in next few days with my experimentation on some of the newly created pages, which I also mentioned in this post.

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In 2018 then new content sometimes takes a little longer to get indexed. So what can you about it?

Read about to how to get your new content indexed fast this year.

After all the hard work, just say your Google rankings dropped drastically! Do not think it’s game over. I’ve worked with many small business owners websites that had dropped in their ranks, but there are ways to get back up.

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