What Is An XML Sitemap And How It Helps To Index Your Webpages?


What is an XML Sitemap?

XML Sitemap is the list of URL’s which contains all the web pages and the posts on the website, By using the SItemap you can index the webpages in the site to the search engines like Google. When you add new pages to the website or new posts, you must update the XML sitemap of your website, so that the new URL’s gets indexed on the website. XML sitemaps are important for the website as it helps the search engines like Google to find your website.

What is Crawling & Indexing?

Search engines use the crawlers to analyze the web pages online and also index them based on some ranking factors. When the user makes a search online, the search engine will look for the web pages from the index server to display the results in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). By using the XML Sitemaps, you can make the search engines bots to visit your website, which will crawl and index the webpages indeed.


How to submit the XML sitemap to the Google search engine?

XML Sitemap of the website can be submitted to the Google search engine by using the Google Webmaster Tools. By using the Webmaster tools you can also submit the updated sitemap at any time when you add new pages or posts to the site. Also, by using the Google Webmaster tools you can also check the status of the Sitemap whether it is indexed or not. If there is any error in the XML Sitemap, Webmaster tools will notify you.

xml sitemap

Advantages of XML Sitemap:

  • Efficient Crawling
  • Content Categorization
  • Get Discovered by search engines very easily
  • Index the content to the search engines
  • Easy error identification & also rectification and many more

xml sitemap

Thus the main advantages of the XML sitemap are that it will help you to make the website visible to the search engines and also help the crawlers to index the contents as well. As a business people having a website, you can create and optimize the XML Sitemaps with the help of best SEO Consultants. SEO Analysts will help you in creating and submitting the XML Sitemaps for the effective ranking of the websites.