How to write website content for SEO?


Writing good SEO-based website content needs practice. It also requires smart thinking. Many essential factors play its part in generating high-quality SEO content. The keywords you use determines the searchability. Also, the web content should be authentic and contain a value. There are many other crucial aspects such as keyword-infused titles and formatting permalinks.

If you want to curate excellent website content for SEO, make use of the simple but effective guidelines discussed below: 

  1. Keyword variations

Making use of keyword variations and placing it organically in your content will enhance SEO. These variations are essential because making use of the same word excessively might make your content dull and uninteresting to read. If you are writing a short content piece you the keyword should be used for maximum three times. You should place the essential keywords right at the start of the content, without making it appear forced. Do you have a significant keyword? If yes, make sure that you use it with the first 50 words in your content. To understand essential keywords, develop a base for keyword first. 

  1. Make use of trackers

Data trackers are an essential SEO tool that helps to understand the impact and performance. The trackers assist you to check how many people in the industry are resorting to the same keyword. This tool is helpful in determining the correct keywords to add to the content. There are other data trackers available that can help you to identify:

  • Social media impact
  • Inbound links performance
  • Keyword performance
  • Brand and website mentions

These tools can help to pull the analytics that the in-built trackers from the website building tools and the social media campaigns fail to offer. Your content development team can use these tools to write SEO optimized content. 

how to write seo content

  1. Having a clear understanding of algorithms

The term algorithm automatically takes away the desire to read from writers. However, what many fail to understand is that knowing the present algorithms enables you to generate content that will lead to increased SEO numbers. To enhance SEO writing, you need to learn the way algorithms keep changing with Facebook, Google, and the other prominent search engines and social media platforms.

Every time Google or any other search engine aims to change performance or SEO algorithms, it is a smart call to know and understand the new format. Only then can you curate your content accurately. Do you want to leverage the trend of changing algorithms? If yes, then conduct a simple search a couple of time annually. You can search and research on phrases like “New Google algorithms” or “Current Google SEO algorithm” and understand the new configurations. 

  1. Generate shareable content

You need to create content that your readers would want to share. When readers and online users share a piece more times, then it becomes visible. It can also attract brand new readers and also maximize the unique visits to your site. You might want to add in a link in the content that takes the reader back to your website. Also, make use of other authentic resources as and when it applies.

When you curate a shareable content that has backlinks to your site, it can entice the online reader to browse your website for a longer time. It also encourages them to check other content in your site as well. 

  1. Don’t plagiarise at any cost

Plagiarism is a crime when you want to develop authentic website content. Copying content from other websites might appear tempting and easy too, but it will cost you more than you can expect. Your site will get penalized for plagiarism, and that will affect your online reputation and customer goodwill. The search engines can remove your website if they find you are copy/pasting content from other sites in your industry vertical. So it is always essential to research and gather information and use these facts to curate original content to avoid any hassles. Since, your brand has something unique and original to provide, start with providing original content as well.

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  1. Don’t make your content complicated

You might want to use four syllable words for almost 18 times in one paragraph, for your website content. However, the majority of the online audience will not relate to the content style and appreciate it. Hence, it is essential to keep your content simple, crisp and understandable to an average person. Also, limit yourself from writing long text walls. It’s a smart call to keep your paragraph length between four and five lines or 80 and 100 words. You can use visuals, bullet points and lists to break the monotony of a long paragraph. It will entice the audience to read your content more. 

  1. Ensure that you aren’t overselling your product

The modern-day SEO writing needs proper research and quality writing skills. It is a healthy balance of non-promotional and promotional content. It is indeed true that your website should promote your products. However, that doesn’t mean that you would take a sales-y approach and will completely bombard your audience with only product data. That would make your website content excessively promotional, and the online readers wouldn’t want to read something like that.

Instead, ensure that your readers have access to engaging, informative content that answers their queries. And that will help them in arriving at a purchasing decision. 

how to write seo friendly content

  1. Understand your objective for every web page

Do you intend that your customers buy a particular product from your brand from a particular web page? If yes, then it’s essential to ensure that your web page gets written well. The arrangements of facts and the entire content should look interesting and convincing, that the customer would want to purchase your product. Also, it is important here that you add in the correct CTA’s.

Correct SEO practices aren’t limited to a couple of right keywords strewn all over the content. It is essential for the content to be relevant and shareable. You need to optimize the titles and permalinks in sync with the page and content of the website where it gets published. Many fail to understand that SEO is a time driven process and will bring results gradually. It is essential to keep implanting the best SEO practices for a while to see the results.

Author Bio.

Wilson Tiong is the founder of ADEL SEO with over 10 years of SEO experience. ADEL SEO is a SEO company in Adelaide, South Australia.