Know About The Working Of Google Search Engine


Google Search Engine is the internet platform which lets you to search and find information about any product, services or about new places. On Comparing to the usage of other search engines like bing, yahoo, etc. people started using Google more nowadays. Google search engine provides the user with appropriate results that they are looking for. Google uses the specific algorithm to crawl all the web pages around the web and rank them in SERP based on some factors. Google uses the crawler or Google bot to analyze the several websites around the web.

Google crawler and its working:

google crawlGoogle crawler is also called as a Google Bot, which is a program developed by Google to visit all the web pages around the web and index them to the Google index server. A crawler is the one through which google fetches the information about the recently updated web pages and index them to the Google server. Thus Google crawler is the simple automated program which goes through all the web pages around the web to index them.

How did Google crawler work?

google crawlerGoogle crawler initially visits a webpage, Scripts goes through the page and analyses the webpage based on several factors. Then crawler visits other pages through links present in the web pages. Thus more the interlinks present in the website, the more time the crawler will spend time on your website by repeatedly visiting the links present on the site. Thus making your website to index in the Google search engine will help you to rank organically top in Google’s SERP.

What is Google Indexing?

Google crawler analyses each webpage in the web and will index them on the Google index server based on certain factors. Index server is the one which stores the entire list of crawled web pages in it. When you make a search on Google search engine, the google will initially look for the search term in the index server, then based on some factors it will display the search results fetching information from the Google index server. Thus to make your webpage to rank well in Google SERP, you should make your website to index in Google index server.

How to index your web page in Google?

google search

When you are creating a fresh website, you will be wondering how to index that website to Google. This simple, you can just index your website to Google by using the webmaster tools. First, integrate your website with the Google webmaster tools. Then create an XML sitemap for your website. XML sitemap contains all the URL’s of the pages and posts on the website. By submitting the XML site map using the webmaster tools, Google crawler will crawl your entire site and will store them in the index server based on some ranking factors.

Thus if you are owning any Business. It is important for you to have the online presence to get more conversions for your business. In the modern internet world, making your business website visible to the potential audience in online platforms will help you get more traffic to your business website.