Why you should start a blog in 2014

start a blog

It’s the best times of the digital economy that we are living, so if you are not blogging, you are missing the free marketing you can do on the internet. Blogging or let’s call it content marketing is the best free method we get leads to our SEO Agency in London.

As a local business SEO company, I have put up several blogs, which generate leads to us every month. If you Google SEO outsourcing London you can see 3 examples of our sites which ranks on the top 3 spots, giving us 5-7 solid leads every month. The number is less, however those are just free leads that adds to our bottom line every month just those sites alone.

So you should start a blog in 2014 if you are a local business which operates anywhere in the world. Also if you are online marketer or person who wants to earn some cash everyday, having a blog up is the best thing to do.

If you hope over fernandobiz.com you can see how I have put up AdSense and some some other affiliate offers which brings in a passive income to every month. I was even thinking one time, let’s have 100 blogs which earns money like that and go to Thailand or some other exotic island where I can just blog and make a living.

Starting my first blog fernandobiz.com was the best decision I made in early 2013 and that turned out to be very the start of my online business journey.

When you start blogging, there will be opportunities which will come on your way. Find a niche and start blogging. You can donwload my free guide on How to Start Blogging for Money where you will learn all important things which you need to know before starting your first money making blog.

In the coming days I will be publishing some exiting content on our ClickDo Ltd. blog, so make sure to bookmark this site and pay a visit every week.