5 Reasons Why Proxies Are Essential For Your SEO Business


You cannot talk about ranking on search engines without search engine optimization (SEO).

Businesses use the strategy for better visibility on search engines. It also provides a fantastic way to get traffic to your website. Page loading speeds, relevant content, keyword use, and backlinking are some ways.

But implementing best SEO practices is not easy work. Some of the practices can result in the banning of your IP address. Web Scraping and opening multiple social media accounts are examples. You will understand this some more as you read on.

There is some good news because there is a way to overcome such challenges. The answer is as simple as finding the right web proxy. A proxy acts as a middleman between your browser and remote servers. You get privacy and anonymity while online.

Our article explores the reasons why proxies are essential for your SEO business. Marketers will want to take a front seat for this discussion.

1. Faster Page Loading Speed

We have already hinted that with static residential proxies you can achieve faster internet speeds. Search engines use page loading speeds as a ranking factor. Further, it determines the user experience (UX) on your website.

Ask yourself this question. How long would you stay on a page that takes forever to load?
Installing a proxy will help improve speed by:

● Balancing the amount of traffic that goes in and out of your site. It is especially critical during peak hours when you could be getting many visitors.
● Compressing and monitoring the traffic that you get. It saves on bandwidth resulting in higher page speeds
● Web caching that downloads and stores information from sites you visit a lot. The next time you log in, you will not get a redirect to the site. Instead, it will use the cached information to connect. The result is the faster loading of the pages you need.

2. Web Scraping Capabilities

Marketers need to collect a lot of data for relevant content. Web scraping provides an excellent way to do this. But some sites may view such activities as suspicious.
They may take punitive action like banning your IP address. That means any attempt on your part to get more information will not be possible.

It helps to find a way to use the internet in total anonymity. That is where the right web proxies come in. Proxies work in different ways. Distorting proxies will mask or hide your IP address. The remote server sees the proxy IP, thus keeping yours safe.

Static residential proxies can circumvent many of the data centre proxy bans. The IP address they allocate to you comes from an internet service provider (ISP). This is unlike other proxies that use addresses from data centres. You get a high level of anonymity and will also enjoy faster internet speeds.

3. Better Social Media and Online Management

online-media-for-seoSocial media provides so many avenues for companies to use in creating brand visibility. Marketers get access to a broad audience base. They can also open one on every single platform if they so desire.

Opportunities for engagement are high. By linking the accounts to your website, it can send a lot of traffic to the site. Search engines will take note of the increase in visitors. The result could be better rankings, thus more visibility.

But there is one challenge. It may not be possible to open more than one account using the same IP address. Attempts to do so may result in a ban.

Using a proxy server is the best resort. It will assign you a different IP address for every account you open. The social media platforms will be none the wiser to what is going on.
Proxies can also help with digital marketing campaigns. They allow you to use multiple platforms, targeting different locations. You can run as many promotions as possible without incurring penalties like spamming or banning your IP address.

4. Proxies Help With Link Building

Link building is a powerful SEO strategy. Landing on high-authority websites will get you a lot of visibility. But, there are some challenges.

Search engines are very much on their toes when monitoring links. They frown upon practices like buying links. They may also get suspicious if you have too many links on one specific site.

Using proxies will hide your IP address for every backlink you have. A rotating proxy, for instance, has a large pool of IP addresses. It will assign a different one for every connection. The search engines will not see where the links are coming from.

5. Competitor Tracking

The fact is spying on competitors is an acceptable practice. It is only that you will not find anyone admitting to doing it. But you need to keep abreast of their activities to keep up. It also doesn’t hurt to get some insights or tips on some of the things they are doing right.

You may for example note that they have a lot of traffic to their websites. A peek will show you the type of keywords, titles, or descriptors they use. Such is critical if you want the search engines to find you.

In your research of the competitors, you do not want them to know that you are doing it. The best way to stay private or anonymous is by using a proxy. You can visit their sites as many times as you want without raising any suspicion. You can also use SEO trackers.

Final Thoughts

Building a strong online presence is critical for any business. Search engine optimization techniques are the best way to go about it. You will enjoy high rankings, thus better visibility.

As we have highlighted in the article, web proxies are a fantastic aid when implementing best SEO practices. Not only do you get online anonymity and privacy. But other benefits include fast loading pages and web scraping capabilities.

Proxies also help with social media management, competitor analysis or tracking, and link building. When shopping for a proxy, have a good understanding of what your needs are. It will help you narrow down on the tons of choices available.

Also, take the time to read customer reviews and do your research to know what you are getting.

Good luck with your SEO implementation!