Why you should maintain consistency in Blogging

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Consistency, one of the most difficult thing that you can ever do to Blogging is what makes you rank better on the search engine Giant’s SERP. This may sound funny for most of the newbies out there, but this is how highly competitive markets function in 2018 and beyond.

consistency in blogging is important

At ClickDo Consulting, we work on various projects and our clients are widespread. We have performed various study and understood the frequency of Rank fluctuations with respect to the frequency of blogging on every website. The rank fluctuations were recorded and marked against the ranks. We did consider that some articles didn’t get indexed and they were ruled out at domain level.

With this all information in hand, we started working on rank fluctuations – compared with Anchor text of internal links in every article. Below are the results that we have obtained and listed in no particular order:

  • When the internal links are placed with direct anchor text towards the target page, the ranks improvement was good – with consistency maintained at daily basis.
  • When the internal links are placed with direct anchor text in the very first paragraph of text – The rank improvement was fast and the ranks lasted more consistently. Further, you should note that the content strategy was properly planned and executed. One other highlight is that the industry was extremely competitive and it just worked!

Other insights, you should get in touch with us. We will share more details over an email (or) a Skype call! The reason is, the other observations are purely based on the Niche of the business website that we were targeting.