What is W3 Total Cache

w3 total cache documentation

How do I use w3 Total Cache

W3 Total cache improves the search engine optimization and user experience of your website by increasing site performance and reducing load times by the leverage features like CDN integration and the latest best practices.

It is used to enable the process of storing data to form the existing request.  W3 total cache is used to reduce the size of your website page by compressing it. That gives the result as faster page load times and also that will improve the user experience.

How to install the W3 Total Cache plugin in WordPress?

Step 1: First you have to log in to the dashboard of your WordPress in SEO.

Step 2: Go to the WordPress dashboard and select the options plugin. Then you can able to see the three options. If you need to install a new plugin you have to select the add new option.

Step 3:  You can get the plugin screen. There you can get many plugins that you want. To install the W3 total cache plugin, go the search tab and search the w3 total cache plugin and enter it.

Step 4: Install the W3 total cache and activate the plugin.

W3 Total Cache

Setting up the plugin:

For setting up the plugin you have to go to the WordPress admin page and select “Go to performance and select the option as general settings”.


  1. Toggle all caching types on or off (at once): If you need this option in any situation you can enable the option.
  2. Preview mode:

Test the configuration changes

Switch to enabled to safely test changes prior

W3 Total Cache plugin in the wordpress

Page cache;

This is option is used to create and store the static version of visited pages on your server, that can be served immediately to the web browser.

Page cache:

You have to check whether the checkbox to be enabled are not. If not you have to enable the option in the check-box.

Page cache method:

You have to select the Disk option and enhanced from the drop-down, that is the preferred setting that will work properly on shared hosting.

Once all the activities were done, finally you have to select the save all option.

plugin in the wordpress


It is used to remove the unnecessary characters from source code without changes in functionality.

You have to enable the checkbox.

Then you have to select the auto in minify mode.

Minify cache method – Select the option from the disk in the drop-down that will properly be working on shared hosting.

HTML minifier – select the default option form the dropdown.

JS minifier – You have to select the option as default in the drop drown.

Once you have updated the above things, you have to click on the Save all settings button option.

Database cache:

The database cache option will save your data retrieved from the database.

Select the option as enable in the check-box.

Database cache method: You have to select the disk from the drop-down option.

If once completed click save all settings button.

Cache plugin in the wordpress

If once it is done the result of your website speed will be faster page load times and that will improves the user experience.