What Is Search Engine Optimization(SEO)?

what is seo

What Is SEO? 

SEO stands for “Search engine optimization” in other words is particle growing number and quality of visitor to a website by improving rankings in algorithmic search engine results.

In Google results display links to pages it consider relevant and authoritative. In other terms your webpage have a big potential to rank in Google as long other web pages link to them.

Some research shows that as long website on the top page of Google

get almost 90% of clicks and also shows that results that appear higher up  receive an increased click and more traffic.

 How SEO works?

First thing SEO is a big source traffic. In other for webpage to show on top page of Google SEO practices attend to make a website comfort to a Googles algorithm.

Google algorithm surely is a mystery, over a long period of practical experience in SEO means that we pretty much have an idea about most important factors.

Important factors in Google algorithm can be split up into two main category on page and off page factors.

On-page SEO factors

One of the on-pages main components is keyword density as well as relevancy. When it comes to Proper SEO optimization Inner-linking as well as a good site structure are all key factors in getting your website to the top in the google results.

Off-page SEO factors

With off page on the other hand UR and DR or link juice or the power of a website linking to your target website play a key factor. In my experience another key factor is relevancy. For example a website talking about pets and linking to a lawyer won’t be very helpful, and actually in some cases can decrease your rankings.

How Search Engine Works? 


When you search or looking for something in Google, an algorithm works on that you get what that search engine consider the best result!

Google works on getting you the scan its index of “billions” of pages to deliver you the best answer you search for.

You ask “How Google get the best result?”

Even though Google doesn’t make inner workings of its algorithm is public. We know that websites and webpage are ranked on:


search engine optimization

When you searching for something like “flowers” you don’t want to see a webpage about “cars”.

This is a reason why Google have to look first and foremost pages that are closed related to your keyword. This is how Google always get the best result you searched for.


It simply means what its sound like. Its Google way of checking out acuity and trustworthy.


Content can be relevant and authoritative. But most important if it’s not useful Google won’t put you on the top page. Google almost always measure usefulness largely based on “Users Experience Signals”. In other terms, if Google sees that people really like or are interested in a particular search result, it will surely get boosted.

If you’re really interested in learning more about what is SEO and how it works check us out.