What Is Mobilegeddon (Google Mobile Friendly Update)?


Google is taking mobile-friendly websites and SEO updates seriously in recent times. Every day an update or testing happens in Google mobile interface.
To be precise on when this all started, From the day (April 21, 2015) Google released its new mobile-friendly ranking algorithm. This algorithm is released after considering high user search traffic through mobile. What will the algorithm do is? It will boost the SEO rank of a mobile-friendly website in mobile search results. Experts started naming the update like, mobilepocalysemopocalypse or mobocalypse. With all the name listed, now its called as Mobilegeddon.

If you want to test whether your website is mobile, make use of this URL given below,


Though it tests limited category based websites, you can have a go at it. ClickDo will give you the regular updates on all the SEO related updates. For Now, Get To Know more about Mobile SEO.


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