What is a Directory Submission in SEO & how does it impact Local SEO

what is directory submission

What is a directory submission and its impact in SEO?

To understand directory submission, we have to understand the base is necessary. Let’s move to the example of Google for a directory submission. Initially, when Google was not present, people searched on web directories for any business information, as web directories were useful resources online.

Suppose your website is approved by a high-authority directory submission, it will be picked up by Google and other major search engines faster, as the page or category where your website is submitted will notify search engines about your website with additional information. Search engines rate this as a trust factor and rank your website higher.

Let’s look at what a Directory Submission is first

A directory submission is the submitting of websites to directory websites and listings which classify and categorise information and add your link to the related category. Directory submissions are very effective in SEO.

If you want to build some stable backlinks, it is the best way to achieve your site being ranked higher on search engine results. The goal of submitting a site to directories is to receive one-way inbound links from other authority high-ranking websites. Here, in other words, every incoming link is considered to be supporting a vote of popularity for a site.

You can see some popular authority online directories and free business listings in the following guides to get a better idea and perhaps identify some that may be suitable for your websites to be submitted:

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What are the different Types of Directory Submissions

Directory submissions can be categorised into three types. They are Paid or featured web listings, free or regular web listings and reciprocal regular web listings. Let’s have a closer look.

Paid or featured web listing: paid in directory submission

Paid or featured web listings are submissions that the directories charge for when getting the listing that is submitted to them. These directories are maintained and extensively promoted. You should be able to find some quality directories that you could consider having your website submitted to. Your link will be approved in 24 hours usually. This type of link helps you to get backlinks for your business website. Some of the websites offer this type of package annually or for a lifetime.

Free or regular web listing:

free directory submission

Free or regular web listings are not paid for directory submissions, with no charges for regular submissions but there is no guarantee of the sites getting approved by the administrator. Also, a local business listing in search engine optimization means an internet online entry for your business name or address or phone number along with the business-related details which include closing and opening hours and website URL and also social profiles, etc.

What are the Advantages of Directory Submissions?

Google my business increases your visibility:

increases in directory

Google my business is the first step in any SEO strategy. You can boost by using Google’s local park, Google map, local finder, and local search results pages. We have to create Google my business perfectly. Like have to include a location keyword in Google my business, then we have to choose the related category for your business. Then we have to write a lengthy description of our business. We can add more information like maps etc;

Local directories build trust with customers:

Google my business is one of the popular places to appear, but it’s long from being the only one. There are many more benefits to your local SEO strategy. Most of the audience do research before got form you. The thought that they have to learn more about more details like working hours, products, address, and phone numbers. The example of Local directories build trust with customers is Yelp is one of the more traffic websites on the whole internet. Many more people visit it every day to find the info about the companies related to them.

Backlinks are an important ranking signal:

Backlinks are more important in ranking signals. According to the Moz report, link signals like inbound links, linking domain quality, etc; are important and notable parts of Google’s Local Pack. You can connect with Niche and start publishing the guest post.

What is the importance of directory submissions in SEO:

Directory submission is a basic aspect of off-page optimization, which helps in doing search engine optimization. Directory submission also attracts traffic on your site. Directory submission helps in increasing your page rank by building authority backlinks. The people who have just started working on blogging, it is very important for them. This way you will watch the growth in the rankings of your site and blog by submitting your URL to web directories.

What are the best methods of directory submissions in SEO:

While working directory submission is said as effective for SEO, make sure you choose the category, which is a niche. In the very first step, you have to choose the best directory submission website list. Then you have to select the website where to post your blog on site. Then select the most appropriate category for your blog, then choose where your blog fits best amongst the categories. After selecting it you can click on the related category and click to submit your blog. In very finally in the last step is to click on add article in the section. Then you have to fill your details about the URL, description, Title.

How to get your Directory Submissions right

You have to submit your site to the most related and suitable subcategory. Then you don’t submit your site to the wrong category just for gainful listings. You have to remember not to spam a directory. Then Make sure the physical blog status or physical address on you provides correctly. Finally, try to avoid a site that requires banners on your site or link back. Having site-wide link backs to the directories may harm your website’s search engine optimization score. So better to stay safe.