Pep Up Your Website With Perfect SEO Audit

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A site audit is the analysis process which would suggest you why your site is not ranking well. Fixing the simple issues on the site like title tag optimization, interlinking, metadata optimization, alt tag optimization for the images, etc will help you in ranking your website in Search engine.

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SEO Site Audit:

SEO site audit focuses mainly on URL structure of the pages, analyzing the redirections in the website, checking the title tags and heading tags, auditing the image alt tags, etc. These factors remain as a foundation for the quality website. Fixing these factors properly helps to rank the website in top search results of Google SERP.

Initially, the potential keywords with high search volume should be selected and focused to rank the website for that particular keyword. Next, identify the proper landing page for the list of keywords, Then optimize the web pages according to that selected keywords. A common mistake that business people do is that they rank the irrelevant pages for the different keywords. This must be fixed to get a good number of quality leads to the business. Try to fix the pages relevant to the keyword and content that we are trying to rank for. Try to embed the keyword in the URL, Title tag and also in the heading tags of the webpage.

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Avoid Errors in Site Architecture:

Optimize the navigation menu to be user-friendly as it will play a vital role in the SEO. Don’t depend on the footer links to power your website structure. Don’t clutter the home page with links, design a home page in a way that it should be able to visualize the user about the products or services that you are offering. Above all these factors understand the working of the search engine to rank better.

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Understanding the Working Of Search Engine:

The search engine is composed of indexing engine, core ranking engine, modification engine, presentation engine. The Google crawler is a piece of script which visits each page of your site and analyses it. Based on some ranking factor, the crawler will store your webpage in the indexing engine of the Google. When the user makes any search in Google, the search engine will initially look upon the index engine to fetch you the appropriate results.

How Search Engine Fetches The Results?

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Normally search engine will fetch the results from the index engine when the user makes any search. Based on the ranking algorithm search engine decides which page should be ranked in the top, sometimes even ranking algorithm dumps the search results with websites with poor content, to avoid this modification engine comes into play.

Things to be Done in Brand New Website:

Thus when you create a website, initially try to build the website with the fresh content, specific pages for the targeted keywords, perfect on-page optimization with perfect URL structure, title tag, heading tags, alt tags with the relevant keyword. After this, you should integrate the website with the webmaster tools. Finally, create an XML sitemap for the website containing the URL’s of the all the pages and posts. Then Submit the Sitemap to Google through webmaster tools to make sure that your website is crawled by the Google crawler.

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This will also make sure that your website is indexed on the Google Index server, So that when the user searches for any query related to your business product or service, then the search engine will fetch the results from the Google index server based on many ranking factors and will display the results on the SERP(Search Engine Results Page).  Thus overall perfect SEO audit will help you rank top in Google SERP. SEO Analysts will help you out in Optimizing the website in a perfect to rank well in the Google search results for the user searched query.