Latest Updates In The Google Adwords

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Google has introduced many new updates on the Adwords platform to help the business people to target the customers more easily.

Life Event Targetting In Youtube & Gmail Ads:

By the life events targetting in the Adwords, Google helps you to target the audiences on months before the major life events like Graduation, Marriage, Moving, etc. For this to happen ultimately the users should be signed into Google, These life events are powered by the user’s search histories. Thus Google helps the advertisers to target the people when they are making any purchase decisions based on the upcoming life events. Life event targetting option works in both the Gmail and youtube Ads.

life event targetting in google adwords

Location Extensions On Youtube Ads:

Google has introduced the new location extensions in the Youtube Ads. when the users watch a video with the location extensions,  they will see the address directions and openings hours about the business that is being advertised. Thus when the potential user views the Ad, he will be seeing the location beneath the video and so that he may try to reach out to the specific business location for the products or services.

Google Surveys 360:

google survey in google adwords

Google Survey allows the users to create a survey, find the audience sample across the web and finally generated the results very quickly. By using this survey you make the customers to tell you why they have clicked your Ads and based on the feedback from the customers you can plan the better strategy in the future. This survey also helps in the remarketing, ad copy testing, etc.

Google Optimize – Landing Page Solution:

Google optimize will now integrate with the Adwords thereby helping the advertisers to test the performance of the landing pages. No Coding stuff is required to test the landing pages. A very simplified landing page testing method will give the advertisers a massive advantage over the current landing page testing methods.

landing page in google adwords

Google Assistants Makes Buying Easy:

The latest update of the Google ensures that the mobile devices will have the quickest checkout time when compared to the desktops or laptops. By uploading the local inventory, a searcher can know the exact number of products in stock at your store in real time. Thus Google Assistant is developed in a way that it makes the shopping easy for the customers.

Google Adwords for your business:

Thus Google keeps on updating the Adwords to help the advertisers to easily target the potential audience set. As a business people, you can hire an Adwords expert or avail services from the digital marketing agency in the city to get more leads by using the Google Adwords. PPC Consultants will help you in analyzing your business industry and also to set up the campaigns perfectly to get more clicks for your business website.