How UI (User Interface) Helps SEO & Rapid Budging? – Explained With Proof


I’ve talked about this in the past. Back in 2015 and then by 2016, I realised it’s the well-presented website that helps the search engine optimization. Search engine bots read the UI when the right code signals are passed on to them That’s where ClickDo Consulting is best at.

A month back we started doing SEO for the End of tenancy cleaning niche in London for EOT Cleaning services. They are the leading company when it comes to professional cleaning staff and also the management is great. So we decided to work with them to increase the organic traffic.

And the results are below:

End-of-Tenancy-cleaning-company-in-London SEO Services by-ClickDo

You can see how the traffic has started to strike up rapidly since Kasun Sameera did the new design and Madhura developed the website. End-of-Tenancy-cleaning-company-in-London-SEO-Organic-Traffic

There is no better feeling than organic traffic for the SEO consultant and business owners who wish to get leads every day at the most cost-efficient manner.

So what did we do?

Created a custom-built landing page for And then optimized the code for search engine bots to read better. Also, we did trigger the Google map pack ranks as this is an industry people would call directly when they need an end of the tenancy cleaning company.  Logesh at ClickDo added the micro data and that gave the signals for search engine bots to pick this up better.

And then when the traffic is coming from search engines and we make sure they last longer because the site is so good and smooth and loads faster. Initially, we did send the traffic from Facebook and a couple of other social media channels. Because that gives G the signals to pick this site’s quality.

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Hope you got some ideas and how the modern day search engines work. There are some things like how we’ve done the citations and how that helps the budge. Below are some sample authority listings we’ve done for EOT Cleaning Services company in London niche. Next is to budge on normal results. Keep an eye on how EOT Cleaning company becomes the London’s best end of the tenancy cleaning services company and I will be sharing the journey of how I go about passing £100,000 per month in revenues and build another multi-million pound per year business in London. That’s the level skills the #1 SEO Consultant In London

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