Facebook Advertising Campaign Types And Its Objectives


Nowadays people started using the social media’s like Facebook, Instagram, etc more. So promoting the business products or services in social media’s will help you to get more conversions for your business. Facebook offers several types of advertising campaigns to target the custom audience set.

To create the brand awareness for your business, Facebook offers three types of campaigns,

  • Brand Awareness
  • Local Awareness
  • Reach

facebook advertising

Local awareness in Facebook advertising helps you to reach the customers near your business. By using local awareness you can simply showcase your business page to the nearby audience around your business area. Branding campaign will not allow the users to take any action on the ads, this type of ad is purely to create brand awareness for your business. Similar to brand awareness, the reach campaign will help you to target the maximum number of people of your business.

When it comes to generating traffic for your business website, increasing the number of app installs or video views, Facebook provides different campaign types.

  • Traffics
  • Engagement
  • App Installs
  • Video Views
  • Lead generation

By using the traffic campaign type you can make the users visit your business website by clicking the ads on the Facebook. In Engagement campaign type you can make the existing post reach to more audience by using the boost post option. Similarly, you can use the engagement campaign type for increasing your page likes, event responses, offer claims, etc.

If you are having a mobile app and have no idea how to promote it, then Facebook app installs campaign will help you in getting more installs by advertising on Facebook. Video view campaign will help you to promote the videos related to your business or products. When you are running any service-oriented businesses, then you can use the lead generation campaign type to make the audience reach out to you easily. In this type, the user can submit the lead form through Facebook, whom you can call later on.

faceboook advertising for business

Facebook also offers conversion campaigns for the business,

  • Conversions
  • Product catalog sales
  • Store visits

By using the conversion campaign type you can make the users visit your website from the Ads and can make the users take any specific action on the website like submitting contact forms. Product catalog sales will let you to remarket the products on your website for the users who have visited the site previously. You can use the Store Visits campaign to build dynamic advertising campaigns that are locally relevant to each store.

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Thus in the upcoming days, you can get more conversions for your business from Facebook by targeting the potential custom audience set. Using Facebook you can get more quality leads by using the less spend. So as a business people you can avail Facebook marketing services from the best digital marketing agency in the city to get more reach for your business.