How to have shortest turn Around Time for Projects?


At ClickDo, we handle tonnes of projects simultaneously. We are responsible to take care of all the projects at the same time. We have to ensure all the customers get response for their queries within a short duration of time. Below are the best tips to ensure fastest response:

1. Having a CRM in Place

CRM is a place in which we manage all the client queries and ensure that the respective person is engaged automatically at any given point of time. We utilise the same CRM to channelise leads at one place. With this system, tickets towards any department will be assigned automatically to concerned people involved in that project.

2. Having a Client Facing Team

Client facing team is our strength. We have set this up to make sure that the backend team takes care of the operations and front end team takes care of the client. The above mentioned CRM will act as a bridge for communication sharing between client and the working team with Internal and External Flags in real time.

3. Having Proper Work Flow

Work Flow is the key to success when it comes to Agency Setup. We have customised work flow that has been curated for over a decade in the industry that we operate.

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