Top 10 SEO Rank Tracker tools to track your Organic Traffic ranks


After you might have finished building a website and carried out both Off-Page and On-Page SEO to grow the site’s organic traffic, to ascertain your key goal, you need an effective Rank Tracking Tool.

What is an SEO rank tracker?

What this ranker tool does, is to allow you to see firsthand how your SEO job is performing, and it requires a clear understanding of both how SEO and website design work, altogether. Besides that, you also need to learn how to read the type of queries that are bringing the best organic traffic to your site.

Why you need a rank tracker?

As Every business, nowadays are investing in SEO to rank higher on Google, rank tracking tools have become indispensable. And failure to acquire any of these tools may spell doom for your marketing efforts. Even though, you are able to discover exactly how your SEO efforts translate into rankings – gaining better insight on realtime changes can have an even higher positive result.

Thus, our list of the top 10 SEO Rank Tracker tools to track your Organic Traffic ranks, should indeed interest you.


Rank Tracker is fully capable of pulling fresh data from the web, about any website. And it also scrapes search results, even though some search engines, like Google, will block you after a number of automated queries.


But, by utilizing a working proxy, there are chances that you can bypass the blockade, so all you need to effectively deploy this tool is good private proxies.


If you are looking for a quality rank tracking tool, SERANKING should be among your top priorities as it is a tool that provide accurate rankings that are regularly updated and you can monitor without any complications.


Its key feature remains that you can not only access all the reports, but you can also generate detailed reports for your clients or members of your team. And the whole process only takes a few steps and some minutes to accomplish.


SERPChecker ofers a lot of search metrics to help SEOs look at their close competition in Google’s results, with fast and reliable information, and it’s integrated with some other tools in Mangools suite.


It is best known for generating localized Google SERP results, as SERPChecker serves as a Google SERP analysis tool with over 45 SEO metrics.


This tool is a fully web-based solution that offers search engine optimization reporting, with API access, rank tracking and may more metrics.


Infact, SEO for any business isn’t complete without this nifty tool, as it helps with reporting, rank tracking, analysis, and support multiple languages.


This tool is made by the same company that is behind KWFinder, and SERPCheckeris for servicing webmasters and SEOs needs to track their site’s search engine ranking positions.


It provides a very insightful report that can help in understanding where your site’s traffic is coming from, and it is capable of tracking its progress on SERP for various keywords as well.


SERPWoo does not track only your URL, but also top 100 search results for the keywords. And as it shows your site rankings in comparison to other 100 websites, it enables you to also watch your competitor websites as they move in the SERP.


It even incorporates data from other services, such as Moz, Majestic, Alexa, Openlinkprofiler and many more to help in effectively analyzing your site’s ranking for the keyword.


AuthorityLabs tracking tool gives accurate and real time data for keywords that your websites are ranking for on the search engines. It affords you the possibility to get more search engine referrals, which in turn, will increase the number of visitors to your website.


It provides even daily data, which means you’re never in want of accurate data on your websites performance and what keywords to focus on for optimal results.


This is an all-in-one tool designed to make a better informed decision on how to improve and optimize your site performance on SERP. Its key features include Keyword Monitoring, Google Analytics Integration, Social Media Activity, Scheduled Reports, and Competitor Tracking.


It also analyzes the website and makes recommendations on actions to be taken to improve its performance and search optimization techniques.


Serposcope is even able to return searches from any specific city or country (local search result), with lots of other parameters that can be customized according to your preference.


It allows you to monitor keywords for your customers, and you can also create user accounts or restrict access to a specific set of keywords.


SERPLAB is an online/cloud-based platform that allows you to load up your site, with desired locations, and keywords you are tracking.


It is based on the concept of SERP Bots, which basically, is capable of doing only a certain work, and you get a SERP Bot for free when you sign up.

Best Picked Tool


Nightwatch is an SEO tool designed to save SEO professionals hours of time with accurate global and local rank tracking as well as site auditing, backlink tracking and reporting.

nightwatch seo
Its intuitively-designed dashboard is completely customizable and gives you a quick overview of how your websites are performing. Overall, Nightwatch is perfect for agencies, freelancers, and SMBs focusing on growing their organic traffic.


And there you have it, the comprehensive list of top 10 SEO Rank Tracker tools to track your Organic Traffic ranks. Don’t forget to leave a comment if you have any question, and we will try our best to furnish you with answers as soon as possible.

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