Hot Tips To Build Quality Backlinks To Your Website

link building techniques in SEO

When it comes to SEO, next to the On- Page factors, quality backlinks acts as the main thing in improving the ranks of the web pages on SERP. Here let’s see some tips to assess the value of the backlinks.

  • Paid Bloggers
  • Bookmarking
  • Backlinks From Articles
  • Directories

link building techniques in SEO
Paid Bloggers:

Many paid bloggers will give quality links to your website which helps your SEO in many ways. But in rare cases, there are some bloggers who may give some spammy links to your site. So when you are trying to get paid links be aware of the links and the authority of the site from where the link is coming.


Bookmarking is the method of using which you can gain the high authority backlinks to your website. Bookmarking sites like Pinterest, Reddit are the platforms from where you can gain powerful backlinks to your website.

link building in seo

Backlinks from Articles:

You may have the blog page on your website. Same as that there are many platforms on Internet where you can submit any articles related to your domain and can give reference link to your website. This can help you gain quality backlinks and also there are chances of the valid customer to visit your site from those article submission platforms.


Finding the directories which are related to your domain or industry is difficult, but when you find such directories and started submitting the links, then it will be worth it. Usually, directories will take some time to link back to your site, But once done it will help your SEO in long run.

link building techniques SEO

As backlinks remain as the main ranking signal for Google. Getting quality backlinks for your website from high authority domains will help your web pages to climb to the top of SERP. Coming to the conclusion, don’t focus on the paid backlinks, just build more natural links to the website to gain authority on the web and climb to the top of SERP. As a business people, avail SEO services from the best SEO consultant in London to get high authority backlinks to your website and move to the top of Google.