What Is Technical SEO & Why You Need Technical SEO In 2018?

What Is Technical SEO

A perfectly planned SEO Strategy should cover both the On Page and Off Page SEO factors. A recent study states that most of the sites on the web has technical SEO plagues even though they have some potential content on their website. Here let’s see the main SEO factors which you must fix in order to rank the site on the Web.

What Is Technical SEO

Why should you focus on technical SEO?

The main thing to notice when it comes to SEO is Content on the website and the crawlability. Even though if you have some potential content on the web, if the crawler cant able to find your site on the web. then there is no use of having such an optimized content. This is the reason you should focus on technical SEO more.

Technical SEO Includes:

Technical SEO includes the following factors like,

  • Performance Of the Site
  • Crawlability Of the Site
  • Indexation Of ContentWhat Is Technical SEO Why You Need Technical SEO In 2018


Google uses the page speed as the main signal to rank the web pages on SERP. Google loves the pages with the good loading speed. In future, it is expected that the Accelerated mobile pages will have a huge role to play in SEO. As the maximum of search queries for Google comes from the mobile devices. Google mainly focuses to rank the mobile-friendly pages on top of SERP.

Crawlability & Indexation:

Web crawlers are the automated programs which reach your website and visits the webpages, analyzes the content on the site and index them to show for the users by ranking them on SERP. When the user makes any search. Google will look for the information that the user has searched on the Index server and then will display it on the SERP based on some ranking factors. Hence you should make your website visible to the crawlers in order to index the site.

What Is Technical SEO Why You Need Technical SEO In 2018

As a business owner, though you have some potential content on the website, you should fix this simple SEO issues to make the site visible to the Google and rank well on SERP. As a business people, you can avail the SEO Services from best SEO Consultant in the city to fix the simple issues on your site and rank them top on the SERP.