Unrevealed Strategies For Selecting Keywords To Use In Google Adwords

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Google Adwords is the paid advertising platform developed by Google. It is used by the business people to target the customers by using the search engine as a medium. In Google PPC, Keyword selection plays a vital role in defining the number of leads for your business, Here are some tips to choose the best keywords that will help you in getting more clicks for your business website from Google Adwords.

Keyword Planner:

Using Google keyword planner you can choose the potential keywords for your business with high search volume. Here are some factors that will help you in choosing the best keywords for your business.

google ppc keyword targeting

Average Monthly Searches:

Filter keywords with the large volume with more than 10K searches, as these types of keywords, are difficult to bid. To initially start with just try the keywords with the mid-level search volume so that the competition will be moderate to bid with.

Suggested Bid:

google ppc - suggested bidding

The suggested bid is calculated by Google by taking into account the amount spent and the bidding set by the competitors for the same keyword. The suggested bid may also vary based on the advertising type that you have selected. Thus suggested bid is decided by the cost per click (CPC) of the competitor for the same keywords.

Negative Keywords:

Filter out the keywords or phrases for which you don’t want to show your ads to the people. Negative keywords will help you in avoiding the irrelevant leads for your business.

negative keywords

Date Range:

You can filter the date ranges to know about the number of searches for the particular keyword during the particular time. you can also compare the two different date ranges, this will be helpful in determining the performance of the different keywords at different times. This will help you in strategy plan for the Campaigns.

Ad Impression Share:

Ad Impression share is the ratio of a number of times the people will see your Ad to the number of searches that matched your keywords exactly in the previous month for your target location and network.

Organic Impression Share:

This denotes the percentage of the number of times that your website or webpage is shown in the organic unpaid search results. But this is available only if the website is integrated with the Google Analytics.

These are some factors which you can use to filter the keywords to get more clicks by using low spent. In the upcoming days making a more online presence for your business by using the strategies like Google Adwords, Social media marketing, etc. Proper keyword selection and the perfect campaign setup in Google Adwords by properly targeting the audience will help you in getting more quality leads for your business.