How Social Media Live video streaming help SEO in 2018 & Boost Brand Awareness? – This is how?


Social Platforms are the right place to increase the authority of the Business Website if it is used in right way. Live streaming can boost the SEO too. The freshness of the media and the dwell time are the important factors of SEO, which are the natural characteristics of the live video streaming on the social media platforms. In this article lets see more about the advantages of live streamings.

Social Live Video – Stand Out Feature:

social media live streaming

Social Media Marketers have been started using the Facebook to boost SEO. The platforms like Instagram has not even allowing the links in the posts. Facebook has been keenly working on updates and also released the latest news feed update in January. Online social platforms are the strong place where you can increase the authority of your brand.

By 2021, Researchers predict that videos will represent 82 percent of internet traffic online. Accordingly, Facebook has recently updated the user’s news feed to allow the live videos to stay top.

Focus on the Right Social Media Platforms:

Facebook Live video streams will help you reach more online users. From the Facebook’s recent update, we can confirm that Facebook would like to give the users the more interactive contents online. When it comes to live videos, more interaction will be made by the users and hence Facebook has decided to show them top of the user’s news feed to ensure that more people can watch that. In Facebook, the videos can even stay on the timeline once the live has been over.

social media live videos

When it comes to Instagram, though more people can interact with the live videos. Only it can stay for 24 hours in the story and after that, it will disappear. But the reach will be huge as in the recent days more people have started using the Instagram. But with Facebook Live, you can create a permanent post in the profile, download your video and embed on your own website as well.

Amplify Other Marketing Channels:

Live streams can help you to gain more brand outreach online among the new users, But at the same time creating the perfect landing pages in the website for the live videos will help you gain conversions. The online users who are impressed by the live videos may indeed wish to get in touch with you, hence perfect landing page will help you grab the users.

Go Live Sessions:

If you are a service provider go live sessions regarding your services and answer the user’s questions online. This type of live sessions is well suited for the service-based industries.

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Product Tutorials:

If yours is a product based industry, then you can come up with the “How to do” videos. This will make the users who are using your product to watch indeed.

Go Live – Get More Reach:

Go live in online like Facebook to grab the attention of the online users and also conduct productive sessions for the users to interact with you. Thus in future digital marketing will rule the business world, in which live streaming is going to have a huge role to play.