SEO Training For Beginners 2016: All You Need To Know


                                                                              seo-for-beginnersWhat is SEO? (Search Engine Optimization)

All popular search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo have primary search results, where the most relevant content such as videos and local listings are ranked through the consideration of what users prefer.

For example, if I type “clothes” onto Google, the first site that will come up is the site that SEO ranked to come up first.

The only reason for that site to come up first, is because users prefer that clothing site to other outlets, which allowed the company to be ranked at the top and this will allow the site to get more views.

However, no payment is involved, as it is through paid ads.


What is a keyword in SEO?

SEO keywords are keywords that companies use so that users can easily find the site of the company rather than spelling the whole site name out. Similarly, search engines also work on bringing the most relevant keywords to the top of the first page. A website that is well optimized for search engines, speaks the same language as its potential visitor base.



Positive Ranking Factors

The main thing to do in 2016 with SEO, is to Research Topics.

What do people search for most?

– Use Google Adwords keyword planner

– Go broad match for page topic

– Using GAKP, select/research what your area value or how they will type certain things. For example, people in Birmingham, UK, may type “unusual xmas gifts” but people in London, UK may type “unusual Christmas gifts”.

– Watch for Mobile Vs Desktop traffic. Research shows more people using mobild phones access search engines such as Google, than people on desktops. This is vital to know as people can type differently when on the phone compared to being on the desktop.

Onpage for SEO: Make your pages

There should only be one topic per page, not a range of keywords should be used. Having a few keywords in your article will help a search engine select your website over others.

Also, Use H1-3, links and bold key phrases in your content. This is to help recognise the bold key phrases as keywords to search engines.seo-engine

Have enjoyable and readable content:                                google-marketing

Having good content is always key to a great looking website. It’s not just people who search for good content, but search engines also. Therefore, the blogs and articles you post, should be of high content and should allow readers to want more. Research what our readers want and be able to connect with them.

Add Backlinks

Adding Backlinks to your website is very important if you want to get your website popular and if so, ranked to the 1st page on Google.

What Backlinks do is direct you to another page on your website, which helps your website gain more views, allowing Google to recognise your site and rank it to the highest place possible.


Keep a single domain name:

It would be a fault if you had different domain names for different topics but it all is under one company. The best element to stick with is keeping one domain name, and choosing different categories for the projects you are running.