24 SEO Techniques To Boost Organic Traffic From Search Engines

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These are the top 24 latest SEO techniques to help you rank a website higher on Google and Boost organic traffic from search engines!

Understanding SEO is not a crucial task when you know how to start with and go ahead mastering the domain. Here let’s see the creepy SEO techniques which everyone should know when it comes to search engine optimization.

1. Initiate with the SEO Audit:

Auditing your website will help you to find why you are not getting enough traffic. An SEO audit means you’re closely examining your overall site performance, setting new goals based on what you find and also solving the issues to improve the performance of the site.

seo audit

2. Analyse what user needs from you:

Analyse your business industry and come to the point what the users are actually expecting from you and create a content accordingly. This will help to increase the traffic to the site indeed.

website analysis

3. Keyword Research:

USe the Google Keyword Planner and filter the list of keywords with the huge search volume. Create the list of potential keywords and create perfect landing pages for them on the site. This is the proper of optimizing the site for the target keywords. Also, don’t rely on high volume keywords, start working on keywords with less volume too, because those keywords have the chances of giving you quality conversions as well.

keyword research

4. Create SEO friendly landing pages:

As an SEO Expert, you should also make the users engage with your business website once they land in. Create SEO friendly web pages which are overall loved by search engines and the users as well. Landing page plays the vital role in making conversions.

landing pages

5. Mobile Friendly Sites:

According to the latest update by Google, they have said that website with good loading speed in mobile acts as a good signal to improve the rankings. Hence design the web pages which is mobile friendly.

mobile friendly websites

6. Optimize the content for RankBrain:

RankBrain is the AI developed by Google which analyzes the web pages to rank them on SERP’s. RankBrain Algorithm Analyzes the content and also the links to the site from other domains.

google rankbrain

7. More Quality Content:

Update the website with the fresh and quality content which will make the search engines like Google to love your website. Content rich website with the target keywords embedded in the right places will help you to budge the site to the top in the SERP’s.

quality content

8. Deep Internal Linking:

As On Page plays a vital role in ranking. Update the site with more internal links with the relevant anchor texts. This eventually helps the Google Bots to crawl your website effectively indeed. More internal links on the site will make the crawlers to engage more time with the website.

interlinking in the website

9. Send Link Juice to the lower ranked pages:

When you are backlinking from the external websites, make sure you target the pages which are ranking lower in the search results. Linking to those pages will help you boost the rankings of those pages in the web.

10. Links to High Authority Websites:

Not only linking to your site from other websites will help you to budge the rankings. External links to the high authority sites will help you in gaining authority on the web and also thereby pushing the rankings to the top in Search Engines.

high authority website

11. Gain Broken Link Opportunities from Wikipedia:

Wikipedia may contain dead links or broken links, which you may use to link to your website. Use the “Wikigrabber” tool to find the dead links in the Wikipedia. This tool will help you find the broken links based on the specific topics.

12. Master the On Page SEO:

Google bots will index your web pages based on the quality of the On Page. Hence do proper On Page Optimization with proper heading tags, images with the alt tags, target keywords in the content and also with proper interlinking as well. Make sure that the URL structure is well optimized and also the navigation in the site is friendly for the users to opt into other pages.

on page seo

13. Create SEO Friendly URL’s:

SEO friendly URL’s will help to budge the rankings to the top. Short URL’s with the keywords in it will help in improving the rankings. Long URL’s are the one which you should not use when you are trying to optimize the site SEO friendly.

url friendly

14. Site Map Submission:

Make the crawlers to visit your website and index them. This can be done by creating an XML sitemap of the site and submitting them to Google through webmaster tools. This will make the Google Bots to visit your website and also crawl and index the site effectively.

xml sitemap

15. Social Media Visibility:

More your brand has shares and mentions on the social media platforms, then in it more likely to be ranked higher on the search engines. Hence make daily updates in the social media pages.

social media

16. Daily Blogging:

Create Blog pages on your business website and update them daily with the fresh and quality content. Share them on social media pages as well. This will help you to gain traffic to the site.

17. Citation Building:

Citations are the online directories which have the business details of yours including brand name, services you are offering, contact details and many more. Build more citations on the web to increase the brand authority.

18. Use Google Business Listing:

Google Business Listing helps you to improve the Local SEO. Google lets you add the information like location, working hours, services you are offering, much more information about your business. Also, it plays the main role in map rankings in SERP.

google business listing

19. Managing Broken Links:

Somehow website may contain the broken links in it. Use some redirection techniques to overcome this problem, As the broken links will make the ranks to drop in the SERP.

20. Navigation setup on the site:

Implement the Breadcrumbs on the site to help the user to navigate easily inside the site. Proper navigation in the site is must to increase the SEO score of the website.

21. Embed Long Tail Keywords in the Content:

When you are updating the site with the content, Ensure that you are embedding the long tail keywords in the content. Make sure you don’t stuff the keywords in the content. Use the recommended amount of keywords in the content.

long tail keywords

22. Backlinks From Diverse of Domains:

When you are backlinking don’t think about the quantity of links that you are going to link to your website. Go with Quality and hence provide backlinks from the different diverse of domains.

23. Use Forums for backlinks:

Use the Question/ Answer Forums like Quora and similar sites to build backlinks. Despite the backlinks, these sites will produce some amount of traffic to the site as well.

24. Be Patient:

Once you have done some optimization to the site and doesn’t see any improvements in the rankings, then be patient. As SEO will take some time like around two to three months to improve its rankings in the SERP.