The Worst SEO mistakes That You Should Avoid


Well, SEO is the technique by which you can rank the business websites to the top of the Search Engines Results Page. As an SEO consultant, you should avoid some core SEO mistakes to avoid the rank drops. Here let’s see some common mistakes in SEO which one should avoid.

worst seo mistakes to avoid

Avoid Poor Internal Linking Structure:

Google analyzes the quality of your website by crawling the entire site with the help of the internal links that you have provided on the site. The anchor text on the internal link gives insights about the content present on the web page where the link is pointing to. Internal links provide some valuable functions to the web page like:

  • providing clear insights about the content present in the web pages where the link is pointing to.
  • Spreading authority to the web pages which is hidden deep in the website.
  • Making more important web pages visible to the search engine crawlers.

simple seo mistakes to avoid

Don’t Try Building Backlinks Bulk:

As Google considers backlinks as the most important ranking factor, try building quality backlinks to your site instead of bulk backlinks simultaneously. Google recently have updated their algorithms to give a rank boost to the website by considering the quality of the backlink and not the quantity. Try building quality backlinks from platforms like directories, bookmarking sites, etc. If you try to build backlinks in the bulk manner without considering the quality of the site where the links are actually coming from, then it will blow up the sites ranks and will have the great effect on SEO.

seo mistakes to avoid

Content – Don’t use plagiarized content:

Content remains the factor defining the quality of your website. Provide quality content on your website to help the users get the one which they are looking for. Avoid copying the contents from other sources and publishing on your website. This will affect the quality of SEO even if you have built high-quality backlinks to the website. As an SEO consultant try to gain improvements in the rankings by avoiding these simple SEO mistakes.