SEO In 2018 Beyond Google Games

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Search Engine Optimization is the technique which has been evolved over a period of time had massive changes. When we think about the SEO before a decade, it is simple to rank a tough keyword with the heavy competition with some quality content and some directory links to hit the 1st position in Google. This can be sensed only by the people who are in the SEO field for more than a decade. Day by day she search engines are updating the algorithms to help the users with the relevant results, which makes the SEO work more interesting.

SEO – Best Of Olden Days:

Before a decade or more, SEO was a little bit simple and also people started following some black hat techniques to rank their sites top. But later Google worked hard on its algorithm and came up with the tactic to penalize the websites which are following shortcuts to increase the ranks on SERP.


As years passed by Google has updated its algorithms to give the users the relevant results, while the other search engines like Dogpile, Altavista, and Lycos dropped their face of the web. At the same time, Google got bigger and smarter, while the job of SEO Experts got tough day by day literally.

SEO in Modern Days:

Once upon a time, there is a strategy where we put up the target keywords in the content more and hit the top ranks in the SERP. But it’s not the case in the recent days. The reason is Google became more smarter and also it is working on to provide more relevant results to the users who are searching.

seo in modern days

At the end of the day, based on the results in Google users are directed to the websites to buy any products or avail any service that they are looking for. Hence Google should provide relevant results to them.

Keywords – Past & Present:

As in the past decade, the web pages are ranked based on the keywords present in the site. It is not the case in the present. Now Google has made it as one of the priority and not the main one, Google has gone beyond the boundaries and started considering other factors to rank the website at the top. The other factors may include backlinks, website loading speed, the mobile responsiveness of the site, etc.

keywords in seo

Life Beyond Google:

Google has gone high in giving users the more relevant results. Google has started optimizing the search results page based on the interactions of the users with the SERP. In the recent update, they are showing the Ads in the SERP followed by the map results, organic results, and finally again the Ads. Google has started giving more importance to the paid ads as well to help the business people to target the custom audience.

Google Voice Search:

voice search google

Google has started working on the voice search. Google started to refine the voice search algorithm to understand the different patterns of the user’s voice and proved them the most relevant results. Also, the SEO job literally becomes more tough and tricky in the future due to the evolution of the Google AI (RankBrain) and its updates.

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