Rubbish Removal Company SEO Results of Quick Wasters Clearance


As you probably seen on one of our previous blogs, ClickDo team did the SEO for Quick Wasters rubbish removal company SEO from 2014 and ranks are still doing well in 2017. We are continuously doing the SEO works for Quick Wasters and you can read the full case study here.


Today we had a look back at how we climbing back since the Google algorithm changes and things are looking very positive.


And below are the next set of keywords we are working on to budge to the top.

Quick Wasters Ranks as of 06.11.2017 - terms-to-budge-higher-this-month

What are we doing to budge the Quick Wasters site to top and what did we do?

We did the on page SEO elements perfectly on and made sure the internal linking is done. Back in teh 2014, when Fernando first started doing the SEO for he did a lot of internal linking, but right now it’s not advisable. As of now when doing the internal links, we approach a much smoother strategy. Because Google does not like too much hardcoded anchors anymore.

See what we’ve done on EOT Cleaning Blogs and that’s how it should support the inner pages to boost the ranks.

The social Media then played a big part of support for SEO work and at the time Janay of was at ClickDo she did some good social media work and that helped. You can see it on Quick Wasters YouTube channel

The backlinks were all done by Fernando in 2014/2015 and then from 2016 mid Stuart Anthony also did some backlinks, however it did not get much ranks. Then Fernando took over the SEO works and started to get the climb back. The backlinks were mostly contextual branded and naked URL anchors that came from well written blog posts published on relevant blogs owned by Fernando and ClickDo. Also the second round of citations were done this year and it really helped the come back ranks.

We recently added the SSL certificate on and that helped great to rank #1 for “rubbish collectors london”  Read the article on

With that being said, there are more work to be done to get all the rubbish removal niche keywords to top of the game and dominate the niche.

Right now Dinesh Kumar is fully involved on SEO activities daily with blogging and supporting Fernando.