SEO audit a website in less than 15 minutes like a Pro


So guys, this is my very first blog post on this blog and I’m about to explain you how to do SEO audit a website in less than 15 minutes like a Pro! However I did post on the ClickDo other Blog yesterday and the response was so sweet. If you guys didn’t read it, check it out here.

This year, since finding out ClickDo, I’ve started to do more and more research about Search Engine Optimization. I’ve been reading today and realized that doing an SEO audit is something very important. So let me share a great detained video that explains on how to do a SEO audit like professional.

How To Do An SEO Audit Right? 

Also if you guys want to learn more, have a good read on >> How to Perform the World’s Greatest SEO Audit

This little one, for you if you want to know how to do SEO audit even at much less time>> Do Your Own 5-Minute SEO Audit

And I know most of you are from India and would love to read something from Neil Patel, so let me also share that with you and if you read it dot to dot, you will know all you need to know on how to do world class strategic SEO audit >> Perform an SEO Audit – FREE $5000 Template

Going further more for you all. I found this article as well, where it’s going to in depth in how you can do a Perform an SEO Audit – FREE $5000 Template


That’s it guys, so if you read the above and really gained some valuable tips or have an questions please drop a comment below and support with a share. I will be writing on this blog each week and I look forward to share my search engine optimization learnings with you this year. I got fascinated about digital economy and understand that SEO is the most essential skill set you should be acquiring to succeed online.