How Search Engine Bot Works & How Interlinking Helps In Crawling Your Website Effectively?


Search engines are the software program which looks for the information searched by the users in the world wide web and displays it in the search results. Search engine normally uses crawlers to analyze any website and also index them in their servers to fetch the results later when the user searches for it.

What is web crawler?

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The web crawler or the Google bot is a program that visits Web sites and reads their pages and other information in order to create entries for a search engine index. The crawlers will visit a single web page and follow the links on that page to visit the other pages and works infinitely the same way to index all the web pages in the web. These crawlers will store the analyzed web pages in the index server, where the search engine will fetch the results later on.

How Search Engine Fetches the Results?

When the user makes any search on the web, initially the search query will be taken to the index server, where the ‘n’ number of web pages are stored. Based on some ranking factors, some web pages may be stored in front or some may be back. Thus based on the user’s search query, the Search engine will fetch the results from the index server and display it in the search results.

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Why is interlinking important?

As the web crawler visits each web page and follows the link on that page to analyze the other pages in the site. More the interlinking, then more chances for the web pages to be indexed by the search engines. Also, the anchor text in the interlinkings remains a important ranking factor. In the view of the search engines, anchor text remains as the one which denotes the content present in the linking page.

Is SEO need for Business?

seo - search engine optimization

Yes, well SEO is the technique by using which you can gain more clicks for your business website by using the online search mediums like Google, Bing, etc. As a business people, you can hire an SEO Consultant for your business or either you can avail the professional SEO Services for your business from the best digital marketing company.