Revolution of SEO in 2018


The combination of SEO and its Revolution is termed to be SEO’volution. Though it looks whacky, that how world depends on the digital environment and its major player “Google”. Rather than working on valuable and interesting things, one cannot predict what will be the move of Google. Here, we are only focusing on what has worked in 2017 that will most likely to work in 2018 as well.

So, Let’s discuss the important things to be focused in the newborn year.

1. Mobile Optimization

Remember that mobile search different from Desktop Search. The content and its appeal will vary from normal desktop view. So, Optimizing a website for the mobile version is important beyond the original version, since the traffic through mobile and its related gadgets are producing huge numbers. The mobile version of your website has to be dynamic that has to fit every dimension of the devices. Even the “Big G” is considering the optimized mobile version as a ranking factor since April 2015.

seo revolution in 2018

2. Competitor research

Do you want your website to be in top? then spend some time on researching your competitor’s website. Though there is a lot of time to be spent, the value of time spent will be even more in defeating a competitor. Get to know the insights of their campaign, quality backlink analysis and some of their bid strategies. More insights will help you to think wider that will help in improving your search engine ranking for every keyword.

3. Local SEO Ranking

Importance of On-Page and Off-Page SEO are triggering every year. If you’re having a keen attention to ranking, you can get to know the difference between Local ranking and Global Ranking, always there will be a variation. Instead of working for a keyword which is not potential enough to bring you local traffic to the website, monitor the keywords which are regular in customer’s perspective.


4. Keyword Grouper

Keyword Grouping is clustering the keywords that related a particular keyword, when you’re looking forward to rank a particular URL for multiple keywords. For an instance, assume the keywords if your targeting for the keywords like “Best Selling Book” and “List of Best Selling Books” for the same URL, search for both keywords and analyze whether the competitors are having the same landing for both or multiple keywords. If your inputs are not clear, then there is no point in working for a long time. Do have a positive approach that leads to success in SEO’volution 2018.