Google AdWords To Stop Showing Review Extensions in Ads From January 2018


What is review extension on the Google Adwords?

Google review extension in the AdWords helps you to show the customer review about your products or services from the third party sites in the Google Ads itself.  New users will be happy to avail services from you if you show your positive customer reviews on your products or services in the Ads. In the Google Ads, you can add a review extension ( a line beneath the ads ) where you customer reviews will be displayed to the new users who are looking for the services. Adding the customer review extension will make the users click on your Ad.

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How do review extensions work on Google Adwords?

While you create a new review extension in the Adwords, you will choose or enter your new paraphrased quotes which should be linked to the published source. As like all the other extensions, the reviews won’t be shown every time, There are a variety of factors that affect whether your review can show, including your bid, ad relevance, available space on the search results page, and other extensions or information. Google will not charge additionally for review extensions, but it will increase the click-through rate up to 10%.

Google Adwords to stop review extension from January 2018:

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Google has recently announced that all they will stop showing the review extensions in the Ads from the mid of January and also they confirmed that they will delete all the review extensions along with the performance data from the Google Adwords account in the early February. This could be a big blow for the third party review sites, that is non-google review sites.

Google also mentioned that the advertisers can download their Adwords extension data if they wish to save it. AdWords ad extension data can be downloaded by going to the Ads & extensions page and clicking on Extensions. Use more extension in the Ads to increase the Click Through Rate (CTR).

What does Google suggest for Adwords in 2018?

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Going forward in 2018, to show additional information in the Ads, Google has suggested to use more ad extensions like sitelinks, callouts, and structured snippets extensions in the Ads. Thus Google Adwords is the paid advertising platform by using which, as a business people you can get more clicks to the business website in short period of time. Hiring an Adwords Expert for your business will help you in creating and managing the campaigns on behalf of you.