Restaurants To Add Menu Listings Using GMB


Google My Business:

Google My Business is a free tool offered by Google for Businesses to easily manage their online presence on Google, that includes both Search network and maps. By using the GMB, you can edit your business information and verify all your company details. GMB helps your customers to find you quickly and tell your business story to the customers easily.

Google has been growing rapidly and it gives an update to all its tools to help business people and users as well. Now, Google’s My Business update to help restaurants to add a menu directly in business listings itself. Not on;y add, they can even edit the menu.

Restaurants To Add Menu Listings using GMB

Earlier there is an update for restaurants to add links in the menus. Now the new update is completely different from the earlier one. Also, there exists a feature that restaurants can add or edit menu using third-party menu services or Google My Business API. Instead of going with such difficult part, Google has released this update to help restaurants to create their menu listing in the My Business page itself.

How to add this menu?

1. Click on the Google My Business Info Tab. (If you have access to it)

2. Now the editor will have multiple sections. Restaurants can add menus.

3. Along with menus, one has to fill in the details such as title, description and price details.

Restaurants To Add Menu Listings using My Business

Created menus cab be viewed only using a mobile phone. Also, this new menu editor is available for English speaking locality.