Google’s Reintroduction To Featured Snippets

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Featured snippets are the zeroth search result of the Google which is displayed above the first result in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Google has frequently updated its algorithm to provide the users with the best results in the featured snippets.

Why Does Google Show Featured Snippets?

Google has undergone a wide research about the user’s searches and decided to provide the featured snippet mainly for the mobile devices and voice searches. Voice searches are more likely to be about the local business, searches about the nearby restaurants, searches about any particular topic, etc. Hence the chances of interaction with the searches are very less. For this reason, Google has introduced the concept of featured snippets.

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How Google Determines When to Show Featured Snippets?

Whenever the user makes a search with the “W” Questions or “How to” questions, then Google understands that users are seeking for the answer to the respective questions and hence displays the answers in the featured snippets. The main advantage of featured snippets for the users is, they no need to click the search result and enter the site to view the content that they are looking for. Instead, the content is displayed in the snippet itself.

Future of Featured snippets:

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In the recent times, the result which is displayed in the featured snippet will also be displayed in one of the top ten search results. This is unnecessary, Google has been working to remove the featured snippet web page from the search results since it is already in the top of the SERP.

How to make the content to rank in the featured snippet?

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Update the blogs on the website with the content which seems to answer the questions that the users are searching. That creates the content on “How to” topics and “W” questions. For instance, if you are narrating any steps to do a certain thing. Then update the content on the website point by point or step by step. Ranking the content in the featured snippets is not a simple task, but once done it will capture many eyeballs around the web.