How to reduce Latency in your business website?


Latency of a website, thats mostly ignored by webmasters in the digital world! But, in the recent times this latency has taken a major role in the world of website optimisations. A website with lower latency often tends to provide a better user experience and ranks well!

Why Latency Matters?

Assume a user trying to access your website (or) web application for the first time on their computer. If the user experiences a latency of 2 seconds, the entire meaning of the website (or) web application is pointless. To make sure the users get impressed about the website or web app, you should not only design the application for speed, but also should make sure the system is responsive towards user queries with a response time of less than 1 second.

This can be achieved through fast server as well as having the server located nearest to the users location. On the other hand, if your users are around the world, you need to use Load balancers to route traffic amongst your servers as well as you should have the data cached in the edge locations world wide.

This will make sure your system is responsive towards user queries with less than 1 Milli Second.


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