Reddit: Is It More Powerful Than Facebook?

reddit is it more powerfull than Facebook

Well, Facebook is the most used social media platform across the world. The Facebook promotion will give good reach to your posts among the target audience. But in fact, Reddit also has more potential to promote your business online.


Reddit is the powerful social platform where you can reach your potential customers if you follow some principles. Some individuals and companies may say that Reddit is harder to use and or to connect with the customers, but it’s not the case. Reddit isn’t harder it’s more realistic. If you are not succeeding in connecting with your customers or business groups, its because that you are not really making any efforts to connect with your customers.

reddit is it more powerfull than Facebook

Just approach Reddit as a medium in which you are trying to get connected with the like-minded people. While Facebook pages being the place getting less reach, Reddit keeps evolving day by day.

In the recent times, Reddit has introduced many new features which helps the users to even be more enticing and participate in Communities. Some of the new features in the Reddit are,

  • One to one chat system
  • Posting to your own profile and follow functionality
  • User-friendly redesign and the continued growth of the community

What are Reddit Profile pages?

reddit how to use it for your business

Reddit is stepping into the space which the Facebook has left open. On Reddit, Businesses can maintain their branded profile by getting connected with the community relevant to their business industry which is fully engaged by the users. Reddit has also rolled out a design to help the users to establish a profile page on the site. With these profile pages, users can submit the content to their own profile pages. By using the profile pages businesses can build brand accounts by growing followers and achieving goals similar to the Facebook pages.

Who uses Reddit?

is reddit more powerful than Facebook

Common social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram are used by billions of people across the world and tend to generate some traffic to the website. But when it comes to Reddit, users are more specific and are the ones who are visiting your pages with the intention to find information. Hence the lethargic users are very less when it comes to Reddit. That makes Reddit the dominant social site for users looking to learn and engage in debate.