Why Re-Marketing is the Future of Lead Generation?


Why Re-Marketing is the Future of Lead Generation?.001

In a Nut-Shell, Google Organic + PPC + Facebook Re-Marketing = Lead Generation Machine!

We usually generate Leads from various channels like Google Organic Rankings, Pay Per Click Advertising and from other channels of Marketings. But, Not everyone who visits your website places an enquiry. They read about you, your business, services you offer and just leave the website.

On the other hand, people use on-site techniques like “Pop-up” Forms, Offers, Discount Coupons and lots of different strategies to gain attention from potential leads.

The Brand New Approach

Have you ever thought of capturing the audience who just visits your website and bounces away? That too, capturing their details anonymously and accurately? Today, it’s possible and termed as “Re-Marketing” and “Re-Targeting” in the digital economy.

Whats the Flow of Users?

Let me explain you how the user flow works. But even before that, you have to understand the assumptions made in this article:

  • You are ranking your Business Organically on Google / Bing.
  • You are utilising Google Pay Per Click Ads for your business.
  • You are having Facebook Ads that has re-marketing Setup.

With the above all assumptions being understood, let’s now discuss about the user flow. Consider a user is visiting your website from Organic SEO / PPC Ads, we store a cookie on their web browser (or) capture their identity anonymously using Facebook. Once they leave our website, we would showcase our Ads to them through Facebook / Instagram.

With this system being explained in a very short manner, it doesn’t mean that the integrations are easy. It requires technical assistance and we at ClickDo Excel in this! Get in touch now.