How To Push Great Content That Isn’t Ranking Well To The Top Of The SERP?


Well, quality content on the website will help your website to budge top in the SERP. But in many cases, there may be contents which may be not in the top of search results, though the quality of the content is rich and unique. Then some work needs to be done to improve the rankings of those web pages in the SERP.


As we already know that the most important ranking factor of Googe depends on the number of links referring to a site and the content relevant to the users intent. If the users are not clicking or sharing or engaging with the content on your site, then the manual link building will not be well enough to rank in SERP.

Understand your potential:

Initially analyze the domain that you are competing with. For example, if you’re trying to rank your content for the keyword like “What is SEO?”, then it may be tough to budge to the top spots. As the website ranking in the top for this type of keyword will have a quality amount of backlink. It is difficult to reach the top four spots, but some room may be available to rank the content on the first page if some work has been done.

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How to Set Up Your Content to Rank?

Planning the content for the blogs will help you to reach the target audience easily. Create blogs on the trending topics relevant to your industry and optimize the site perfectly for effective rankings. Follow the below steps to increase the rankings of your site,

  • Increase the page loading speed
  • Make the website mobile responsive
  • Submit the XML sitemap
  • Ensure the indexation of the pages
  • Eliminate the duplicate content
  • Setup perfect redirection for the broken links

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Internal Linking in the blogs:

As internal linking in the blogs will help both the users and the Google bots to effectively navigate through the pages, make more internal linking within the blogs with the relevant anchor text. Make sure that the relevant blog pages are linked with the appropriate anchor texts. Follow these simple tips to make your content to hit the top positions in the SERP.